Texas Tank & Pins: gift
Maxi Skirt: Antrho, old
Belt: Mexican furniture store 
Boots: Madewell

I've had these photos for a minute or two, holding on to them for the perfect time to post.  Now is the perfect time BECAUSE I'M MOVING BACK TO TEXAS!  If you don't want to read all of the words below, the short of the story is, I'm gonna be roadtrippin' and of the grid, please follow me with Bloglovin' to get the most up to date posts while I'm a roaming gypsy (look in the top left column for a cool button to click!).

So let me start from the beginning...

In the middle of August I was contacted by a recruiter about a position in Austin, I jumped at the opportunity to continue on after we walked through the responsibilities.  After an hour phone interview with my potential new supervisor, I was psyched... and on my way to Singapore.  Flash forward to 4 days after returning and I am back on a plane to Austin for a day long interview with CEO's, COO's, and many other acronyms and I'm sold on the company and position.

After a grueling two week wait, I was able to walk into HR yesterday and quit my job with a new offer in hand!  While there are many things I love about my position here, bringing Beaux to work, the casual atmosphere and lax dress code, there were other things I disliked.  My new position is a change for good and an exciting career opportunity.  Plus, I'll get to be my quirky little self in a more structured and advanced retail environment.     

Boston, New England, FALL.  After a tumultuous start, I have literally fallen in love with all of these things.  I'm sad to leave my apartment and that my time here was so short.  
I have a few friends that I will miss, but they are good enough friends where I know we will keep in touch.  I plan on crashing at their apartments when I visit next Fall!  

Moving back to Texas is going to be invigorating, especially Austin, but New York still calls my name and has a spot deep in my heart.  Austin and NYC speak to two very different sides of my personality, I am happy immersed in either location and indulging either personality trait.  Since Austin just fell in my lap, then I'm gonna give it a whirl!  NYC may still be in my future, I mean, if nothing else, these last few years have only reinforced that the only consistent thing in my life is change and to have faith in time, all things work out in time.

So, pretty please with a cherry on top, bear with me these next few weeks.  I am going to be road tripping around New England and down to Austin, posts will be sporadic.  But stay tuned for photos of the adventure and an insiders look at one of the BEST cities in the US.

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Party Shorts

Hat & Shorts: Vintage
Shoes: Madewell
Pins & Jewels: Various


Like Newton's first law of physics, I have been an object in motion for three weeks straight.  After a work trip to NYC (and of course and evening with old friends), a fun trip to Singapore (bookended by 30 hour flights) and right after that a quick getaway to TX, I'm zonked.  This weekend I quickly came to a resting point and didn't move.  No blog photos or posts, only couch sitting, apple picking, and sleeping.  Thankfully I had a few more amazing shoots from the ever talented and lovely Brittany Gray in the proverbial back pocket!

See you Wednesday!



Mixtape Monday: How do you think I got these bruises?

Mixtape Monday didn't post last week due to a blogger error (whoopsie!) which is fine, because it gave me a chance to amend my thoughts.

I bruise easily, like scary easy, plus I have a tendency to be clumsy and couple those with the fact that I enjoy doing daring things... I almost always have a handful of bruises on my body.  This photo was snapped about 5 minutes after I fell banana peel style and five minutes before I fainted like one of those Tennessee fainting goats, due to all that adrenaline leaving my body and being overheated and what not.  It was scary but I was OK, needless to say I walked away several bumps, scrapes, and bruises including my ribs (and when I say walked away, I mean I hobbled 5 feet to a cab clutching my friends arm for dear life every step).

This week I fell while walking up the stairs in my apartment and have a swollen whopper of a bruise on my forearm to prove it, I tend to hit about 48 times a day to remind me of my clumsiness.   I also took a secret plane trip on Saturday and ended up with a wicked crick in my upper back... too much plane time in the last two weeks!  

All this to say I'm a mess and to intro one of my oldest playlists from spotify, "how do you think I got these bruises?".  The title comes from one of the lyrics of a song on the playlist and not only refers to my obvious body bruises, but considering it was a playlist made for Valentines day and shared with my Valentine very early on in the relationship, it was also kinda a treatise on former bad relationships, broken hearts and secret awkward hopes about the future.


ps.  This playlist is circa Feb 2012 and I was listening to the Gotye song back in in November of 2011.  It was way before the song was insanely popular and got millions of radio plays and stupid lazer dance, polka, or dubstep remixes.  Feel free to skip over it as I do now!


Lace, love and life

lace overcoat: thrifted, last seen here
belt: old, like HS old
shoes: Seychelles
jewelry: various

This is one of the last photoshoots from an awesome photographer and new friend Brittany Gray before she left Karmaloop for new adventures.  I'm sad for me but happy for her, while I may have lost my daily coffee buddy I have a fun new Boston friend, so overall I'll count that as a win.  As I type this I am in Singapore enjoying a 10 day best friend fest with two very important ladies who I don't get to see enough, one living in Singa, the other in Texas. From the moment we see each other it's like no time has passed and we are having a blast doing everything and nothing, which is what BFF's are best at. 

Over the last few weeks the old song I learned in Girl Scouts "make new friends but keep the old, one is silver the other gold" has been ringing very true.  There are a handful of new but quality Boston friends I've been fraternizing with, making Boston more of a home.  I am also continually in awe of all the digital ways to keep in touch with faraway friends; I'm not a phone talker but put me on any chat, skype, facetime, or even regular old text and you can't stop the chatter.  I've got silver and gold stashed all over the US and the world, making me feel very, very rich in friends, love and life.  Best feeling ever.



Working Girl

80's Suit Jacket: Thrifted
Tiered Skirt: Anthro (old)
Belt: J. Crew (old)
Earrings: samples
Shoes: ummm, don't remember and I threw them away!

Long ago Working Girl was on TV and my Mom had me watch it with her.  I was probably 14 or so, early high school, the only thing I remember about the movie is thinking three things while watching it...

           1)  That HAIR is horrible, no one will EVER catch me with hair like that.
           2)  Shoulder pads, are you kidding me?  Please dear god never let those come back.
           3)  My hand on my Enzo Angiolini heels, I will NEVER wear tennis shoes to/from work.  
Flash forward 15 or so years and only one of those things remained true.  I'd like to think of it as a case of older-you-get-smarter-you-get syndrome.  I like my feet; they're kinda important and I want to take care of them.  They need to last me a looonnnnggg time, because I plan on using them to tour the world, walk my dog and get into whatever unpredictable stuff life throws my way for another good 50 years or so.  Who knows what other ways I will prove my younger self wrong by then!

Do you have any "never ever" style or life ideas from your youth that have been shattered along the path of life?



Health is Wealth: Adventures in Vegan Baking

This is a photo of a vegan baking fuck up.  I now made two batches of vegan banana bread the first one being too moist almost bread pudding like and while it was delicious, it wasn't quite right.  The batch above was a different recipe and way, WAY to dry.  Both were bakers errors, the first one was edible, the second... not so much.  I hate wasting food, so I crumbled up the brick of bread and dried it out even more in a 200 degrees oven for an hour or so to make a nice crunchy and yummy cereal or topping, seen here over a chia breakfast bowl.  Viola!  Terrible banana bread saved and now I think I will be much more adventurous in the vegan baking with this new disaster cover up!



Minimalist Packing for Maximalist Dressers

Earlier this week I popped over to NYC for a trade show; it was a super short trip, just one night, but I'll take any time I can get there.  :)  I travel to trade shows often and at this company, more often than not, it is a short and sweet trip.  Due to all these quick trips,  I have honed my packing skills to only a small carry on.  I hate lugging luggage on a train and since I will be seeing old friends, obvi I want to look like me, bright and punky.
              Ingredients for an overnight trip:

              2 tops
              1 bottom
              1 set of accessories
              1 pair shoes
              1 set Jammies/under roos

I'm wearing one of the tops, the bottoms, accessories and shoes, so that leaves only the jammies and underpinnings to pack.  I still have plenty of room for a small makeup bag with pared down toiletries, reading material, ipad, and the regular handbag stuff.  

Protip: For one night, I don't even bother with all my creams and elixirs, just bare bones basics.  I even use the hotel soap for my face (the horror!).

Protip: Roll your clothes.  It saves space and keeps them less wrinkled.


ps.  I'm en route to Singapore (yay!) as this posts, regularly scheduled M/W/F posts to continue while I am away!  Wanna see what's happening in Singa in real time?  Follow me on Instagram.