All That Jazz

I was feeling pretty jazzy in this outfit, I just needed to rouge my knees and roll my stockings down (I hope you know your musicals) to really complete the look.

Dress: Japanese department store
Vest: UO
Shoes: Seychelles
Necklace: London flea market
Hat: Vintage

Thriftstore Brandwhore Erin contemplates how great she looks in her birthday dress and if there is any other way to possible match her apartment to her dress.  

I am a gemini, and while I try not to put any stock into what that means, I do find some extremes, or 'twins' in my personality.  Take today's post, my outfit screams sweet and prim, but without having seriously bad ass hair, I probably wouldn't wear all these components together.  In order for me to dress "pretty" I need the edginess as a counterpoint.  When I had long hair, soooo long ago, my clothes took on more of an androgynous look.  These are the things you start to notice when you appoint yourself a style blogger.  

I'm leaving on a jet plane tomorrow (my last pre-trip post also had dancing pictures, is there a trend??), everyone have a fun labor day weekend!



The Devil's in the Details

Maintaining a blog is difficult, it takes time and concentration, two things I run short on at 10pm.  Not only that, at this baby stage of bloginess, I often feel as though I am talking to myself, which I do all the time in ‘real life’, but I try to keep it at a minimum in when I am in a public space.  Then there is that little voice saying how vain it is to blog about your personal style, but normally I keep her quite with a Goodpop popsicle.  The absolute hardest part is the photography.  Several friends with a wide range of abilities have all volunteered to participate, which I appreciate greatly and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, but I have a hard time following up and asking for help.  Ugh.  
So, that was a long paragraph to say: I ran short on time to get this ensemble photographed and I really loved it and was feeling a bit blue about not capturing it, when I realized it wasn’t so much the outfit as the DETAILS, so I whipped out the ol‘ iphone and used it’s magic to capture the best parts of this outfit.  I apologize for the photo quality.      

Hello Kitty agrees, the devil IS in the details.            
Look at that artfully popped collar!
A close up of my lil' lizard crawling out of of the breast pocket.  
Simple webbed belt with some cool metal embellishment. 
Every time I check the time on this watch, I smile.
It's 20 past Panda Head.
Red patent shoes to finish the look off, after all,
I must wear some color.
Sweet Lil' Bow earrings: Fred Flare
Lizard Broach: H&M
Belt: Gap
Shoes: Franco Sarto
Shirt: Theory, mens
Jeans: Taverniti

Utilizing accessories appropriately separates those who dress from those who merely cover their body, similar to how utilizing tools separated those early humans who carried on to evolve versus perish trying to open a coconut.  Fortunately, accessories is no life or death matter.  So dig through that pile of jewelry collecting dust, your mothers and grandmothers treasure trove, and sale bins to evolve your outfit to an ensemble.




I spent last weekend in Austin, Texas.  While I love Houston I am quick to tell anyone from out of state that Austin is the best city in Texas.
The lovely innkeeper of The Adams House (and dear friend) looking stylish while trying to stay cool in 100 degree heat at a 7:30 pm.  
Justine's Brasserie.  Amazing.
Double V polka dot top: BCBG, easily 6 years old
Lace Tap Shorts: Anthropologie sale rack
Ditzy Print Wedge Shoes: Forever 21
Lounging on a legendary Jackalope.
Note the Jem & The Holograms tee.  It has faux tour dates on the back, so awesome.
Pistol and Bullet Print Dress:  Betsey Johnson (similar style here)
Birthday Boots:  Old Gringo , via Allens Boots a famous ATX stop for a wide range of styles, find my pair here
My parents gave these beauties to me for the "big 3-0".  I hope to be rocking them well into my 80's.
Barton Springs, the best place to spend 100 degree days in Austin.

Big hat and comfortable shoes, a must for a day at Barton Springs and walking South Congress.
This image sums up the summer style of Austin and where hipster style is headed.
I had hoped to take more street style pictures, but two things stopped me.  One, I forgot my camera in the room a few times; two, I haven't gotten over the awkward feeling of asking to take someone's picture.  People ask to take mine often, and it is always nice to feel some appreciation, but for some reason I feel as though when I ask others it would be a nuisance.  My solution is to order business cards with the blog header and email to pass out when asking for street style pictures.

While googling the gun print dress, I came across a new blog that looks awesome, Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing.  She is a fan of the gun print dress and posed the question to her followers, what do you say to the world by wearing this dress?  The responses were varied, mostly nay, I even left a comment.



Seeing Stars

I LOVE my new stars and Brandan at (roots).

I'm growing my hair out (I think) and if you've ever had short hair, you know how torturous it is.  I've developed a theory which will have me maintaining the sides of my head at very short lengths, until the top part grows out to something that resembles a hair cut on a beautiful and ethereal girl seen over at The Sartorialist.  In the meantime I will happily continue to wear this horse mane mohawk.  And I will rock it.  Hard.

Liquid Metallic Top: J. Crew 
Multi Stripe Elastic Belt: 80's Vintage
Pretty Tiered Skirt: Anthropologie
Suede Platforms: Betsey Johnson
Jewelry: combo vintage, gifts, MiMi's jewelry box

Isn't this graffiti wall outside of (roots) amazing?    


Authentically 80's

Dress: Vintage
Shoes: Seychelles

Authentically 80's dress I purchased in Philly last summer.  The shoulder pads were removed and I hiked the hem up 6" or so.  It's one of my favorites, sometimes I even consider matching my hair to the colors and getting some scribble designs shaved into the side of my head as well.  No lie.

If I'm going to be a style blogger, I need to spend the extra five minutes to put on accessories every morning!

Sleepy after a fun weekend in Austin, post to come later this week!



Happy Dance

It's hard not to swish and sway in a skirt with a such a wide swoop.

Sheer cotton button up: American Apparel
Sheer chiffon skirt: Anthropologie (similar styles here)
Shoes: Anthropologie sale rack
Belt: old Gap

I'm happy about this skirt and happy to have a getaway weekend to THE greatest city in Texas, Austin.  Check back on Monday for my personal ATX style as well as local Austin stylites.



Giraffe + Stephanie = Giraphanie

The first time I wore this, some one told me I looked like a giraffe.  That's a complement right?!!??  

Jumpsuit: Anthro, early summer sale rack
Belt: J. Crew, easily ten years old
Shoes: Steve Madden

This jumpsuit looked really sad on the hanger.  Really sad, and really long.  Being 6" tall I have a hard time trying to find anything that should hit me at my wrist or below the ankle and over the years I developed coping mechanisms, such as sleeve rolls and never wearing pants.  Seriously, in the days before 'designer' denim, I didn't own a single pair of jeans till my senior year of high school when "tall" jeans became available, a pair came home with me and looking back, I see they were high waters.  *sigh*

So, back to the dressing room, I try on this sad, long jumpsuit because it is 80% off and when I see a discount like that a chemical is released in my body and it makes me want to own said heavily discounted item (normally that means heavy alterations, reincarnating it into something else, or the item will sit in my closet mocking me) .  Once I try it on, I realize why it is marked so low, the pants drag the floor on my 6" frame!  I can wear heels and pants ?!??!  Lucky me.

Today, I came into work in my inbox was a WHO WHAT WEAR talking to the whole jumpsuit trend, nice to know I am on trend sometimes.  While at work I wore a black jacket with rolled up (read as too short) sleeves, but it is just too darn hot in Texas right now to wear anything more than necessities.

In other news, 10 year old belts and 15 year old handbags make me wonder if I have hoarding tendencies.



Quick post to cover Saturday, Sunday and Monday...

Saturday Night Birthday Dinner/Party

Crop Top: UO
Necklace: Forever 21
Billowy Shorts: H&M
Sandals: Seychelles 
Handbag: "vintage" Coach

Does it count for vintage if you pulled it from the archives of your closet?  The thing is 15 years old.  I vote yes.

Ladies Who Lunch

Thirftstore Brandwhore Erin turned this oversized skirt into an adorably sweet dress by adding ribbon straps and completing the look with bows and butons at one of our craft nights recently.  I sat in the corner grumbling bitterly and handstitiching stupid embellishments back onto a shirt as I watched the dress come to life, envious of her creation in comparison to my repairing.

Dress: "latin american" mumu cropped into sundress
Shoes: ubiquitous Tom's  

Being a born and bred Texan I love this authentic Mexican cotton dress embellished with bluebonnets.  My Mom purchased it on her honey moon, probably never wore it, and 30 years later it got a second life as a barely there sundress.  Perfect for quick on/off required when shopping. 

Caution Vivid Working

Cardigan: Private label brand from a store no longer (Foley's)
Dress: Betsey Johnson
Belt: seriously no idea
Shoes: Fornarina
Sunnies: Ray Ban

 I like the surreal element to this picture.
A truly antique ring, a gift from my beautiful Mimi, and a set of Tahitian Pearl drop earrings, also a gift, complete the colorful lady like ensemble for today. (I'm trying to get more accessory shots in)

My outfit made me smile today.  Not counting my multi colored accessories or bright pink lips and tri-tone flame colored hair, I had on seven distinctly different colors today.  In case you were wondering, that's where the VIVID in Vivid Voltage came from.

Finally, Erin looking like a prim 1970's ballerina in her purchase from our Sunday thrifting outing.



Truly Truly Truly Outrageous

Do you remember the truly outrageous awesomeness of Jem?  With a simple touch to her magical red sparkle earrings she converted from a high powered attorney to a rockstar of great fame.  This cartoon was a favorite of mine as a child.

As a "grownup", I often feel a bit like Jem/Jerrica.  Granted I am not an attorney, only a retail buyer; and despite my short stint as a tambourine/triangle player in the now defunct Kennedy Bakery,  I am not a rockstar (but I do often attend rock shows).  The feeling comes from giving my all during the day, and once I leave the office finding energy at night to peruse the other things in life I want.  I love both aspects of my life and am grateful to have the energy to pursue both with full intent.  

Case in point, Friday I went to work:

Then went out (to a rock show):
Tank: clothes swap
 Pants: Anthro sale rack \ Shorts: Target 
Scarf: gift \ Leopard Belt: Forever 21
Necklace: Anthro sale table
Shoes: Mia \ Boots: Lucchese 

Now, if I could just find a pair of those magic red sparkle earrings.


P.S. Thanks to Erin for being photographer for the evening.  If you get a second check out her blog, Thrift Store Brand Whore.  She IS a grownup version of Jem/Jerrica, a whip smart music attorney by day, amazing musician and band member by night.