All That Jazz

I was feeling pretty jazzy in this outfit, I just needed to rouge my knees and roll my stockings down (I hope you know your musicals) to really complete the look.

Dress: Japanese department store
Vest: UO
Shoes: Seychelles
Necklace: London flea market
Hat: Vintage

Thriftstore Brandwhore Erin contemplates how great she looks in her birthday dress and if there is any other way to possible match her apartment to her dress.  

I am a gemini, and while I try not to put any stock into what that means, I do find some extremes, or 'twins' in my personality.  Take today's post, my outfit screams sweet and prim, but without having seriously bad ass hair, I probably wouldn't wear all these components together.  In order for me to dress "pretty" I need the edginess as a counterpoint.  When I had long hair, soooo long ago, my clothes took on more of an androgynous look.  These are the things you start to notice when you appoint yourself a style blogger.  

I'm leaving on a jet plane tomorrow (my last pre-trip post also had dancing pictures, is there a trend??), everyone have a fun labor day weekend!


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