I spent last weekend in Austin, Texas.  While I love Houston I am quick to tell anyone from out of state that Austin is the best city in Texas.
The lovely innkeeper of The Adams House (and dear friend) looking stylish while trying to stay cool in 100 degree heat at a 7:30 pm.  
Justine's Brasserie.  Amazing.
Double V polka dot top: BCBG, easily 6 years old
Lace Tap Shorts: Anthropologie sale rack
Ditzy Print Wedge Shoes: Forever 21
Lounging on a legendary Jackalope.
Note the Jem & The Holograms tee.  It has faux tour dates on the back, so awesome.
Pistol and Bullet Print Dress:  Betsey Johnson (similar style here)
Birthday Boots:  Old Gringo , via Allens Boots a famous ATX stop for a wide range of styles, find my pair here
My parents gave these beauties to me for the "big 3-0".  I hope to be rocking them well into my 80's.
Barton Springs, the best place to spend 100 degree days in Austin.

Big hat and comfortable shoes, a must for a day at Barton Springs and walking South Congress.
This image sums up the summer style of Austin and where hipster style is headed.
I had hoped to take more street style pictures, but two things stopped me.  One, I forgot my camera in the room a few times; two, I haven't gotten over the awkward feeling of asking to take someone's picture.  People ask to take mine often, and it is always nice to feel some appreciation, but for some reason I feel as though when I ask others it would be a nuisance.  My solution is to order business cards with the blog header and email to pass out when asking for street style pictures.

While googling the gun print dress, I came across a new blog that looks awesome, Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing.  She is a fan of the gun print dress and posed the question to her followers, what do you say to the world by wearing this dress?  The responses were varied, mostly nay, I even left a comment.


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