The Devil's in the Details

Maintaining a blog is difficult, it takes time and concentration, two things I run short on at 10pm.  Not only that, at this baby stage of bloginess, I often feel as though I am talking to myself, which I do all the time in ‘real life’, but I try to keep it at a minimum in when I am in a public space.  Then there is that little voice saying how vain it is to blog about your personal style, but normally I keep her quite with a Goodpop popsicle.  The absolute hardest part is the photography.  Several friends with a wide range of abilities have all volunteered to participate, which I appreciate greatly and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, but I have a hard time following up and asking for help.  Ugh.  
So, that was a long paragraph to say: I ran short on time to get this ensemble photographed and I really loved it and was feeling a bit blue about not capturing it, when I realized it wasn’t so much the outfit as the DETAILS, so I whipped out the ol‘ iphone and used it’s magic to capture the best parts of this outfit.  I apologize for the photo quality.      

Hello Kitty agrees, the devil IS in the details.            
Look at that artfully popped collar!
A close up of my lil' lizard crawling out of of the breast pocket.  
Simple webbed belt with some cool metal embellishment. 
Every time I check the time on this watch, I smile.
It's 20 past Panda Head.
Red patent shoes to finish the look off, after all,
I must wear some color.
Sweet Lil' Bow earrings: Fred Flare
Lizard Broach: H&M
Belt: Gap
Shoes: Franco Sarto
Shirt: Theory, mens
Jeans: Taverniti

Utilizing accessories appropriately separates those who dress from those who merely cover their body, similar to how utilizing tools separated those early humans who carried on to evolve versus perish trying to open a coconut.  Fortunately, accessories is no life or death matter.  So dig through that pile of jewelry collecting dust, your mothers and grandmothers treasure trove, and sale bins to evolve your outfit to an ensemble.


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