Giraffe + Stephanie = Giraphanie

The first time I wore this, some one told me I looked like a giraffe.  That's a complement right?!!??  

Jumpsuit: Anthro, early summer sale rack
Belt: J. Crew, easily ten years old
Shoes: Steve Madden

This jumpsuit looked really sad on the hanger.  Really sad, and really long.  Being 6" tall I have a hard time trying to find anything that should hit me at my wrist or below the ankle and over the years I developed coping mechanisms, such as sleeve rolls and never wearing pants.  Seriously, in the days before 'designer' denim, I didn't own a single pair of jeans till my senior year of high school when "tall" jeans became available, a pair came home with me and looking back, I see they were high waters.  *sigh*

So, back to the dressing room, I try on this sad, long jumpsuit because it is 80% off and when I see a discount like that a chemical is released in my body and it makes me want to own said heavily discounted item (normally that means heavy alterations, reincarnating it into something else, or the item will sit in my closet mocking me) .  Once I try it on, I realize why it is marked so low, the pants drag the floor on my 6" frame!  I can wear heels and pants ?!??!  Lucky me.

Today, I came into work in my inbox was a WHO WHAT WEAR talking to the whole jumpsuit trend, nice to know I am on trend sometimes.  While at work I wore a black jacket with rolled up (read as too short) sleeves, but it is just too darn hot in Texas right now to wear anything more than necessities.

In other news, 10 year old belts and 15 year old handbags make me wonder if I have hoarding tendencies.


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  1. I am very familiar with that chemical reaction. And yes, giraffe is a compliment in this case.