Seeing Stars

I LOVE my new stars and Brandan at (roots).

I'm growing my hair out (I think) and if you've ever had short hair, you know how torturous it is.  I've developed a theory which will have me maintaining the sides of my head at very short lengths, until the top part grows out to something that resembles a hair cut on a beautiful and ethereal girl seen over at The Sartorialist.  In the meantime I will happily continue to wear this horse mane mohawk.  And I will rock it.  Hard.

Liquid Metallic Top: J. Crew 
Multi Stripe Elastic Belt: 80's Vintage
Pretty Tiered Skirt: Anthropologie
Suede Platforms: Betsey Johnson
Jewelry: combo vintage, gifts, MiMi's jewelry box

Isn't this graffiti wall outside of (roots) amazing?    


  1. I love this outfit! The graffiti and the colors of your outfit, hair and sun..are all perfect together.
    The stars are just too cool..and you really wear them well!!