So here it goes.

 Jumpsuit: Bar III, Macy's private label (altered by me)
Draped Jacket: Buckley Tailors, via Madewell
Scarf: somewhere in Tokyo, (it's really a component to kimono dressing, repurposed as a scarf)
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

This wasn't planned.  

I walked out of my apartment this morning with a plan for my day and blogging was not on my to do list.  In fact, this was so far from my to do list I didn't even put on accessories because I was busy thinking of all the other things to do besides plan the perfect "first blog post outfit".  I've been sitting on the idea for a month, the name for 3 weeks and the design for a week; but before I made my entry into the world of style blogging, I needed to get my hair done and fix my chipped polish, plan the perfect debut outfit and location, eat less and  postpone more.  As a former model I think I was making this into an editorial, when really, I want this lil' blog to be about fun everyday style, not perfection.   Moral of the story...look good everyday and you're ready to take on anything.

Enough about me and onto my clothes.  :)  This scarf really does it for me, I love the neon yellow paired with the raspberry tie die, This cape at the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibit totally inspired me to leave the long tails of my scarf down to trail behind me as I walked down the office halls today.  I tried to capture that same feeling I got seeing the cape in person in my photos, but the wind wasn't cooperating.  Since I officially started my blog today, maybe I'll add weather control to tomorrow's to do list.  

Thanks to my lovely friend Louisa Hamlin for playing photographer with me today.



  1. Totally addicted already! Now you have to get a camera and start snapping around Houston. There is great fashion here, just no one wants to admit it! Click. Write. Shine!

  2. OMG, I totally got a flash of your "scarf cape" today as you flashed by my office.

  3. @Ari, that's my plan! I will be featuring friends and strangers in Houston and across the world. xo