Houston Vintage Market 2011

Houston Vintage Market is the best vintage purveyors in Houston gathering for one megamart of vintage amazingness, plus (!) burlesque, "lipstick girls" (instead of cigarette girls), ballroom dancers, pin-up makeup artists and hair stylists.  It's almost too much awesome for one historic firehouse to hold, especially when friends and acquaintances you haven't seen in forever are there to shop and chat with.

Dawn of Coronation Vintage gets a lipstick retouch from
a beautiful "lipstick girl" that wandered the market with
her tray of lipstick retouching necessities.

The milliners of Violet Peacock were there with a
collection of fascinators called "Velocity", inspired by
1930's car car hood ornaments.  Every item was chic,
playful and handmade.  My absolute favorite was the
top hat on the pink wigged mannequin found
in the first picture.
This high school aged girl cut out the back of an old tee
and added this gauzy, draped back creating an
ultra cool effect with her black bra, denim jorts
and black lace up boots.  I was not nearly this cool
way back then, honestly, I'm not sure I am cool
enough to pull it off now.
Cute purple frames on my fellow volunteer, Jessica.
I always imagine stories of the
people who once wore the vintage that comes
into my life.  While shopping, Judy Masliyah,
of My Flaming Heart stopped in shock that
I was wearing a vintage dress
she once owned, it was fun to have one
of those imaginary puzzle pieces become reality.    
My favorite bow earrings and bow necklace
sweetly set off a black and grey vintage
As a contrast to the sweet jewelry, pink chucks and a
turquoise patent studded belt complete the look
with a touch of edge.
Well, I've blabbered enough about how spectacularly fun it all was.  Next post will have two of the 5 sweet vintage finds I nabbed at the market.  Again, I need to improve upon the quantity of street style pics I get, but I was just so distracted by all the fun, friends and shopping.



Mohawk Braid

I've mentioned before I'm growing my hair out, even if in an unorthodox manner, and it is now long enough to braid!  How awesome is it to have a punk rock mohawk in a preppy french braid?!!??  I l-o-v-e it braided back and I also love my new designs.  

Saturday was spent in good company at a super fun Vintage Market, there was TONS of style inspiration.  I snapped some pics and will post soon, as well as a few of my amazing finds. 



It was a dog gone good day.

For a small donation to United Way, employees were allowed to bring their dog to work on Friday!  Beaux and I had so much fun.

Happy pup on the way to work.
New things to pee on!
Quick car nap on the way home, I felt the same way after a CRAZY week.
Beaux snuck into the frame.

You have to watch this guy, his tongue will
lash out at any time and it is surprisingly long!

Pink Graphic Tank: H & M mens section
Chambray Midi Skirt: Madewell
Shoes: Well loved Chucks (is there any other kind?)

What are all those racks of clothes in your office you might be asking.... Well, that's only about 1/3 of all the dresses I had in my office this week!  We were swimming in dress samples selecting the best of the best for early Spring 2012.  We wrapped it up on Friday which was a great feeling and having my pup there was such a treat for us both.

I'm of to a super fun saturday of vintage and hope you have some amazing plans as well.




The cat stares me down for my feathers.
Feathery Fluff: Gift
Blue/Grey Leopard print cardi: Forever 21
Blue Dress: Forever 21
Blue Belt: Anthro
Grey Suede Shoes: Seychelles

A friend asked me recently if I could be reincarnated into an inanimate object what would that be, I answered a feathery hair thing with this particular one in mind.  Granted, I had worn in the day before so my affection for this accessory was on my mind, but nonetheless it wouldn't be such a bad object to become.  It is pretty, makes people happy, floats and sways with the breeze... sounds like a lovely existence to me!

Monochromatic dressing normally makes me feel blue (yukyuk), but not today!  Once the dress was decided as the 'base' of my outfit, my immediate reaction was to grab a neon yellow belt and accessorize in contrast color.  Something nagged at me to tame it down and be monochromatic that day.  The feathers was an unplanned addition, I often put them on but for work it is always too much as a contrast color, but in monochrome blue, it adds just the right shazaam, keeping those monochrome blues away.



I'll tumblr for ya.

I've spent the last week in NYC working and having fun, three things that make me all very happy.  In lieu of my normal blogging I'm going to post a tumblr style photo mass, hence the Culture Club reference.

Next week I will be back to my regularly scheduled bloginess.  



Play Clothes

Side saddle, because I am a lady.

Dress: Don't remember, I cut the itchy tag out years ago
Leopard Print Cardigan: Liz Claiborne
Belt: J. Crew
Necklace: Anthropologie
Lace Slip: Vintage, estate sale
Shoes: Seychelles

I have fun getting dressed in the morning, it's like putting on a new costume every day.  What part of my personality will I play up, should I step into another personality for the day, or will I create an elaborate editorial scene in my head around the clothes I have covering my body?  Then, there are days (few and far between) where I am rushed, sick or what have you and clothes are just fabric concealing my body.  But most the time, it's pure play.  Because after all, that's what life should be, right?



Beachy Keen

Beach Wedding Style: 4 Ways

Ms. Ray's beach wedding style, the J.Crew way
Ms. Miller's LBD enhanced with some fancy jewelry
Anonymous/Adorable baby wedding style.
VividVoltage beach wedding style

Lace Over Coat: vintage, via Feathers in Austin, TX
Slip: Urban Outfitters
Sandals: Anthropologie
Gold Stretchy Belt:  Vintage, via my Mother's closet
Necklace: Anthropologie
Bracelets: Various 


It's Fall?

Today I feel like Pebbles, of Flintstones fame. 

Ruffle Cardigan: J.Crew, similar style here
Leopard Print Dress: Fred Flare
Rhinestone Necklace: J. Crew
Gold Metal Stretch Belt: Vintage
Fish Vertebrae Earrings: Gift

Sometime in the past few hazy days of vacation relaxation August has left and September has arrived.  That also means I have been blogging for a month now, I recently looked at my page views and was pleasantly surprised to see over 1000 views for the month.  I figure about half of them are my parents, but that means 500 or so are from friends, which is awesome.  I've been having fun, I hope you are too.

I wore this to my last work day of the week before I left for vacation and took these ultra glam pictures in the airport.  Between the reddish mop of hair, fish vertebrae earrings and perennially stylish animal print I feel like Pebbles, if only I could travel via Dino.