The cat stares me down for my feathers.
Feathery Fluff: Gift
Blue/Grey Leopard print cardi: Forever 21
Blue Dress: Forever 21
Blue Belt: Anthro
Grey Suede Shoes: Seychelles

A friend asked me recently if I could be reincarnated into an inanimate object what would that be, I answered a feathery hair thing with this particular one in mind.  Granted, I had worn in the day before so my affection for this accessory was on my mind, but nonetheless it wouldn't be such a bad object to become.  It is pretty, makes people happy, floats and sways with the breeze... sounds like a lovely existence to me!

Monochromatic dressing normally makes me feel blue (yukyuk), but not today!  Once the dress was decided as the 'base' of my outfit, my immediate reaction was to grab a neon yellow belt and accessorize in contrast color.  Something nagged at me to tame it down and be monochromatic that day.  The feathers was an unplanned addition, I often put them on but for work it is always too much as a contrast color, but in monochrome blue, it adds just the right shazaam, keeping those monochrome blues away.


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