Houston Vintage Market 2011

Houston Vintage Market is the best vintage purveyors in Houston gathering for one megamart of vintage amazingness, plus (!) burlesque, "lipstick girls" (instead of cigarette girls), ballroom dancers, pin-up makeup artists and hair stylists.  It's almost too much awesome for one historic firehouse to hold, especially when friends and acquaintances you haven't seen in forever are there to shop and chat with.

Dawn of Coronation Vintage gets a lipstick retouch from
a beautiful "lipstick girl" that wandered the market with
her tray of lipstick retouching necessities.

The milliners of Violet Peacock were there with a
collection of fascinators called "Velocity", inspired by
1930's car car hood ornaments.  Every item was chic,
playful and handmade.  My absolute favorite was the
top hat on the pink wigged mannequin found
in the first picture.
This high school aged girl cut out the back of an old tee
and added this gauzy, draped back creating an
ultra cool effect with her black bra, denim jorts
and black lace up boots.  I was not nearly this cool
way back then, honestly, I'm not sure I am cool
enough to pull it off now.
Cute purple frames on my fellow volunteer, Jessica.
I always imagine stories of the
people who once wore the vintage that comes
into my life.  While shopping, Judy Masliyah,
of My Flaming Heart stopped in shock that
I was wearing a vintage dress
she once owned, it was fun to have one
of those imaginary puzzle pieces become reality.    
My favorite bow earrings and bow necklace
sweetly set off a black and grey vintage
As a contrast to the sweet jewelry, pink chucks and a
turquoise patent studded belt complete the look
with a touch of edge.
Well, I've blabbered enough about how spectacularly fun it all was.  Next post will have two of the 5 sweet vintage finds I nabbed at the market.  Again, I need to improve upon the quantity of street style pics I get, but I was just so distracted by all the fun, friends and shopping.



  1. That's cool that you met up with the original owner of your vintage clothing like that! I often wondered what experiences, experienced stuff had before it became mine.

  2. So glad I found your blog! My friend and I saw you at the event (I was next to Judy from My Flaming Heart. My booth was Lady Lux Vintage). We actually commented on how we LOVED your dress and how you made it a completely different look with your accessories! I am now following you on here :)

    Lady Lux Vintage


  3. @Lady Lux Vintage... SQUEEEE! (thats a happy sound) Thanks so much for the complement and the follow. My style blog is a wee lil infant in this crazy blog world and your kind comments are MUCHO appreciated.