Space Age Pimpin'

These buttons are so cute, even
 the metal is pink!
This is how I stored the coat for a week while sleeping on a couch,
the handles of the green bag look like leaves to a big wool rose.

What a find for my first full day in the city!  This coat is BRIGHT pink, has super clean tailoring and this beautiful nehru collar, I feel like if Barbarella were to need a coat in space, this is the coat she would wear. 

My first weekend here I was supposed to be looking at apartments all day saturday, but they all bailed on me, so wisely, I decided to spend the day wandering the Manhattan Vintage market.  Everything was well curated (and over priced-shocker!), I picked up lots of pretty things, but nothing I had to have, until the last booth... I saw this coat and it was instant love.  When I put it on, my fellow browsers all stopped and stared, people from other booths were coming to tell me I had to have this coat and when I looked in the mirror, they were right.  

While shopping I ran into and chatted with Valerie, of The Idiosyncratic Fashionista's (you might also recognize them from Advanced Style) what a treat to meet one of my style icons on my FIRST DAY!  More on that later...



Rain on a Parade

I'm having a parade of sorts, my own personal parade celebrating life and adventure and it is sorta fun.  Actually, I lied, it is ALOT of fun.  Life is so short and there is so much opportunity to make yourself and others merry, why bother with any alternative.  I saw a quote on Facebook that sums up this philosophy, "You live for a little bit and then die forever. Make sure you do a lot of stuff" (Shae Perkins).  That is near perfection right there, the only thing I would add is to make sure you do a lot of FUN stuff.

Sometimes there is some rain on my parade but I'm not going to let that bring me down.  The rain can be literal, as in the case of the nasty sludgy sleet/rain/snow mix that is falling today all over my new city, or it can be figural, and someone can dump their nastiness down on you.  Either way, you gotta keep on marching...


Leather Moto Jacket, similar style here
Vintage Coach Purse
Steven Alan men's button down tied at waist, similar style here
Vintage Velvet Patchwork skirt, via Houston Vintage Market


Houston Fashion Week

Thriftstore Brandwhore managed to score two passes to the Chloe Dao show at Houston Fashion Week, if you're a Houstonian you already know of her awesome store, Lot 8, and her success on Project Runway, if not, here is a lesson:  

I've been a long time fan and was shopping at her store before Project Runway was even a show, so I was psyched to preview her collection up close, but when we made it back stage and chatted with her and her husband it was more than we had hoped for!

From a dress buyers perspective, the collection was cohesive and would appeal to many different personalities in a wide age range.  Some of the dresses were set up at the after party:

On the left, a flowing silk charmeuse print is paired
with a structured solid woven providing contrast in
movement as well as color.  On the right, a twist on
color the color blocking trend, "print blocking", which I
love because you know I love to mix my prints.
Left, lace is paired back to more silk charmeuse
creating a day to dinner look, behind that, a structured
career look with contrast details.
Two of her silk chiffon dresses, in the fore ground,
a younger bare look, and in the back ground,
something suitable for a more mature woman.

This car just screamed to have some sexy pics infront of it.

Top: J. Crew
Sequin Shorts: J. Crew
Shoes: Betsey Johnson

Press passes make it really easy to approach
people for style pictures!

Loved this stylish man and his bold green double
breasted jacket and plaid pants.  As a man, it's tough to
pull off plaid pants and not look like you lost your
way on the golfing green; this guy looks stylish, not lost.
Miss Louisa Hamlin, looking stylish at the after
party in a bandage skirt, sexy blazer and OTK boots.
A pair of bold and stylish fashion lovers.
Rainbow hair!
This super sexy lady is rocking a BANANA CLIP!
And she's making it look good.


Time to JUMP!

Today and got on a plane with a one way ticket to NYC, and I did it without bawling my eyes out.

Jacket: part of an Anne Klein suit
Ruffle Glen plaid Skirt: J. Crew
Sequin Tank Top: J. Crew
Satin Ballet Flats: J. Crew
Vintage Rhinestone Necklace: Grandmother's Jewelry Box

Sometimes to take that necessary leap of faith a big change requires, one must on blinders and just JUMP.... 




Lion v. Lyons

Frilly Collar Top: J.Crew
Vitamin Pee Yellow jeans: J. Crew
Gold Sandals:  Kenneth Cole Reaction
Handbag: Vintage Coach
Necklace: J. Crew

Wow.  I was wearing a lot of J Crew on this day and didn't even notice until I was writing up this post... 

I never want to look like I walked directly out of a particular stores window display.  (un)Fortunately today, in spite of the large quantity of J Crew on my body, I look more like a children's drawing of a lion than one of those chic J. Crew models styled by Jenna Lyons



Post Apocalyptic Glam

Mad Scientist Sunnies: vintage
Leopard print tank: UO
Jacquard Dot Silky Skirt: vintage
Shoes: Seychelles
Cuff: Gift

These shades remind me of something a steam punk mad scientist would wear, so when we arrived at this run down building it all just came together!  Love it when that happens.

Moving is coming along, if by "coming along" you mean my apartment is torn up and nothing is packed.  There's just too much fun stuff to bother with the mundane.    Which reminds me I must wrap this up to carry on with the fun. 



Graffiti! Leopard! Glitter! oh MY!

Found behind Glitter Karaoke
Rad vintage belt

Sunnies: Ray-Ban's
Dress: Vintage via Feathers in Austin, TX
Belt: Vintage via Maefair Vintage at the Houston Vintage Market
Shoes: Seychelles

As you may have noticed by now I l-o-v-e leopard!  When I saw this dress I was psyched, a leopard print, 100% silk shirtdress from the 90's for $30? SOLD!  (It easily costs that much to make a quality dress these days)  The icing on the cake?  It was made by Robbie Bee, one of the resources I was buying from, so of course, I had to wear it to our market appointment in September. They were really happy to see one of their vintage dresses revitalized, and I was happy to be wearing such a rad dress!  Everyone wins!

These pictures are another in what I had envisioned to be a Houston Graffiti Style series that Groovehouse (the talented photographer that has been kind enough to help me with my blog photos) and I were starting up.  I'm sad to see it cut short by my move, but I think we have a few more tricks up our sleeve before I depart.  Does anyone have any favorite graffiti spots around town?  



Pretty. Badass.

What else can I say, but "I take two steps forward, you take two steps back, we come together because opposites attract".

Cotton Moto Jacket: UO
Lace Dress: Ronni Nicole
Boots: Frye
Pearl Earrings: Christmas Gifts
Rhinestone Jolly Rodger broach: Japanese accessory store 
(which are THE best places for accessories, in the world)

Much like Paula Abdul and that crazy cartoon cat cohort of hers, this combo of tough and sweet, skulls and rhinestones, pearls and leather all come together nicely because opposites really do attract.

One other thing...  I LOVE dresses.  They are easy no brainer choices in the mornings when you don't want to think about what to wear.  But go back to one of my first posts, here, and notice with a few accessory swaps, different shoes and jacket it becomes a whole new look.  So take a second look at the clothes in your closet, what can you mix up this week?  I am also challenging myself with this question as I ponder what to pack for my initial move to NYC, how will I live out of a suitcase for a week or more?!?




Top: Found at an Asian furniture store in the Heights
Skirt: Anthropologie
Shoes: Fornarina
Gold Belt: Vintage via my mother

Just another crazy color combination, and you can learn a new word from me today:  chinoiserie.  I must say, this shirt was a steal of a deal, it's 100% silk, totally awesome and it was only like $20 at this strange furniture store.  

Moral of the story:  Keep your eyes peeled for sweet finds in strange places!



BRC: Big, Real CHANGE!

For those of you that do not live in Houston, I am standing in front of a Big Red Cock.  It is the mascot for the trendy (and delicious) "gastropub" BRC.  Today, BRC stands for something else:  Big, Real CHANGE... keep reading.

Tee: American Apparel
Skort: rummaging through my old closet
Shoes: Seychelles
Bag: Marc Jacobs

Can I have a moment?  This skort is from high school!!  

Part of me wants to pat myself on the back for maintaining myself physically and developing a stronger personality since I last wore this skort, but then there is a bigger part that screams "HOARDER".  Maintaining my clothes has always been important to me and I have a tendency to assign affection towards particular items because they bring back good memories, and between those two facts I never get rid of anything.  It makes for styling great outfits, but requires a ton of storage space and shuttling clothes between my apartment and my parents as the seasons change.  

It is time for me to start cleaning out the closet, because I am MOVING TO NYC!  This is something I have always considered doing but never took action on until recently.  I am excited/scared about the transition, sad to leave this city and friends that have been SO good to me and happy that I have achieved a personal goal.  

The growth of fish is dictated by the amount of food and space the body of water they reside in provides.  This move to the big apple, although daunting, will transplant me into a new surrounding that will provide nourishment to further my personal and professional development.  Hopefully.  


p.s. The blog will continue, please pardon sporadic postings.  If you're interested you can submit your email at the top right to receive notification of blog posts in your inbox.


Rain Dance

What better way to combat the dreariness of a stormy evening than getting dressed up in some finery and participating in a DANCE PARTY to Junior Boys with 100 of your newest friends at Fitz's?

One of my favorite combinations is a cocktail dress and Chuck Taylors.  I've donned this combo many a time, from a New Orleans post wedding second line to after a fancy NYC event, but this was the first time I started the evening in the combo.  You can be damn sure it wont be the last time either...