BRC: Big, Real CHANGE!

For those of you that do not live in Houston, I am standing in front of a Big Red Cock.  It is the mascot for the trendy (and delicious) "gastropub" BRC.  Today, BRC stands for something else:  Big, Real CHANGE... keep reading.

Tee: American Apparel
Skort: rummaging through my old closet
Shoes: Seychelles
Bag: Marc Jacobs

Can I have a moment?  This skort is from high school!!  

Part of me wants to pat myself on the back for maintaining myself physically and developing a stronger personality since I last wore this skort, but then there is a bigger part that screams "HOARDER".  Maintaining my clothes has always been important to me and I have a tendency to assign affection towards particular items because they bring back good memories, and between those two facts I never get rid of anything.  It makes for styling great outfits, but requires a ton of storage space and shuttling clothes between my apartment and my parents as the seasons change.  

It is time for me to start cleaning out the closet, because I am MOVING TO NYC!  This is something I have always considered doing but never took action on until recently.  I am excited/scared about the transition, sad to leave this city and friends that have been SO good to me and happy that I have achieved a personal goal.  

The growth of fish is dictated by the amount of food and space the body of water they reside in provides.  This move to the big apple, although daunting, will transplant me into a new surrounding that will provide nourishment to further my personal and professional development.  Hopefully.  


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