Space Age Pimpin'

These buttons are so cute, even
 the metal is pink!
This is how I stored the coat for a week while sleeping on a couch,
the handles of the green bag look like leaves to a big wool rose.

What a find for my first full day in the city!  This coat is BRIGHT pink, has super clean tailoring and this beautiful nehru collar, I feel like if Barbarella were to need a coat in space, this is the coat she would wear. 

My first weekend here I was supposed to be looking at apartments all day saturday, but they all bailed on me, so wisely, I decided to spend the day wandering the Manhattan Vintage market.  Everything was well curated (and over priced-shocker!), I picked up lots of pretty things, but nothing I had to have, until the last booth... I saw this coat and it was instant love.  When I put it on, my fellow browsers all stopped and stared, people from other booths were coming to tell me I had to have this coat and when I looked in the mirror, they were right.  

While shopping I ran into and chatted with Valerie, of The Idiosyncratic Fashionista's (you might also recognize them from Advanced Style) what a treat to meet one of my style icons on my FIRST DAY!  More on that later...


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