Pretty. Badass.

What else can I say, but "I take two steps forward, you take two steps back, we come together because opposites attract".

Cotton Moto Jacket: UO
Lace Dress: Ronni Nicole
Boots: Frye
Pearl Earrings: Christmas Gifts
Rhinestone Jolly Rodger broach: Japanese accessory store 
(which are THE best places for accessories, in the world)

Much like Paula Abdul and that crazy cartoon cat cohort of hers, this combo of tough and sweet, skulls and rhinestones, pearls and leather all come together nicely because opposites really do attract.

One other thing...  I LOVE dresses.  They are easy no brainer choices in the mornings when you don't want to think about what to wear.  But go back to one of my first posts, here, and notice with a few accessory swaps, different shoes and jacket it becomes a whole new look.  So take a second look at the clothes in your closet, what can you mix up this week?  I am also challenging myself with this question as I ponder what to pack for my initial move to NYC, how will I live out of a suitcase for a week or more?!?


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