Labor of Love

Work Version
Evening Version

New shoes can really pick a girl up out of the dumps.  I had ordered these NEON orange beauties with the exact intention of cheering me up during the dreary winter to come, plus they are gonna look AH-mazing with my new/vintage bright pink coat (no I did not think of how I would walk in the snow while wearing them, that would be too damn reasonable).

Breaking in new shoes is challenging, it's mostly a labor of love (I have loved ALOT, as proven by the many scars on my feet).  Blogging is also a labor of love; always feeling though you're writing to yourself, people leaving mean comments, and only having 1/5 of your normal wardrobe can all be a drag.  As I try to find my way in a hectic new life, blogging can border on chore some days, but a few fun things have happend recently where I feel the love picking back up, which isn't surprising, love ebbs and flows like most things in life. One thing for sure, I will always ride the tide...



  1. fashion parade,etc.November 15, 2011 at 8:52 PM

    Your writing is as amazing as your style! Love the shoes!!

  2. You are not writing to yourself at all! You have at least one reader here who isn't family (;

    Hope you are enjoying the adventures of your new life over there!

  3. Thanks Steve! :) As you might expect a cross country move can be tough, but I'd say I am faring well.

  4. I completely understand having done that myself between different countries.

    And since you are blogging, I would say thing are going well for you (=

    Keep it up!