Silk Zip Vest: J. Crew
Grey Long Sleeve top: ummm.....I don't remember
Silk Chiffon Skirt: Banana Republic
Argyle OTK socks: Japan
Spectator Shoes: Madewell

Fun socks have always been a weakness for me, so when I was in Japan a few years ago I spent all my shopping money on socks because that country LOVES accessories almost as much as I do.  

The first time I walked into a department store there I was in awe at the size of the accessory department.  They sell matching umbrella and fan sets from designers like Anna Sui, plus a whole section of designer/fashion hand towels, in addition to a WIDE assortment of all our traditional accessory items.  Which, yes, we have "designer" towels in America, but in Japan women carry fans and washcloths in their handbags.  Fans because the temperature is warm and A/C doesn't flow as freely  and washcloths because the public bathrooms never have paper towel dispensers and those high powered air dryers can dry our hands after repeated use.  So Japanese women carry these personal accessories on a daily basis and have several sets to compliment the various outfits, so chic!

My sock fetish will certainly grow here in NYC, as layering is important and socks can provide extra warmth and pattern/color to a winter outfit.


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