Urban Explorer

Field Jacket: Trouve
Houndstooth Scarf: Banana Republic
Westie Sweater: J. Crew
Jeans: Gap
Rainbow Socks: Happy Feet
Shoes: Chucks

There was a time when I made a New Years Resolution to be out of town only 2 weekends of the month.  If I didn't have at least two flights in queue, showing up on my elite status airline account, I would have a mild panic attack and book some sort of quick getaway.  Now that I am a recently transplanted New Yorker I've been "grounded" for a month and for the foreseeable future, and guess what, there is no panic attack.  

Don't get me wrong, my life has not slowed down one second, but now I am an Urban Explorer.  I'm contented wandering my local uncharted territory, staking out clean bathrooms across the city, and mapping out my new locale.  For now.  


ps.  I love my sweater, it has a lil' Westie right by my heart, where he belongs.   

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