365 Days of WOW

Socks: Sockdreams
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, via solestruck
Belt: Vintage

You might think a title like "365 days of WOW" means I'd be talking about how this outfit just won't stop, which is true, but not my point today.  No, I'm talking about chronicling all the little wow things that happen every day in life.  

Effective today, I'm challenging myself to tweet at least once per day for my first year about all the everyday adventures I encounter as I settle into a new city, make new friends and explore a city of 8 million people.  365 days of wow isn't all sunshine and puppies, it'll be the good and bad, clean and dirty, unexpected and unbelievable that happens every day.  Why?  Because it's fun, it's a way to force myself to enjoy the experience of adjusting, and hopefully encourage others to see the daily adventure in their life.  

Follow me on twitter (@vividvoltage), check back to the blog daily (I installed a new gadget for non-twitter folk), and also on Instagram (you guessed it, @vivdvoltage).  (Mom, Instagram is an iphone photosharing app, but you'll be able to see the pictures via the Twitter feed on the right).  



  1. Love it! How could I not? How could anyone not?! ;)

  2. You read my blog?!!?! Your blog was one of the inspirations for my own, so I am honored and glad that you are finding content you enjoy! :D