A Christmas Story

As I sit at my parents house enjoying a Christmas dinner coma, watching A Christmas Story, still in my pj's from last night (even style bloggers have a day off) I'm inspired to blog about the holiday traditions I grew up with as a kid.  My family and I still replicate them every year, from silly rules my brother and I made up as kids about opening presents to our Christmas meal, it's good to know some things never change even as everything changes around us.

So here's a peak at my Christmas Story...

As long as I can remember, we decorated our tree with plastic candy garland, colorful lights, ornaments  we collected and made over the years, and on some lucky years tinsel.  It was a childhood holiday dream and I still love the eclecticism of a colorful tree.

These two Rudolph were waiting for me on the guest bedroom night stand, welcoming me home upon my 2am arrival home.  My Mom had purchased several  Rudolph reindeer from the dollar store and as soon as the decorations came down from the attic six year old VividVoltage would locate them and clank them around on the tile floor enjoying the sound they made and imagining a Rudolph Ranch.

If you've read my blog at least once, you probably know I LOVE MY BEAUX, how could any one not, look how adorable he is.  Our dogs get presents and also enjoy a little bit of our Christmas dinner in their dog bowl.  We like to spread the Christmas Cheer. 

ThirftstoreBrandwhore strikes a sexy strict school marm pose in her holiday present from me, a Christmas plaid, quilted dress complete with POMPOM's I found at a vintage mart in NY.  She knows I love my Westie, so she gave me this beauty:

She also crocheted this adorably macabre crochet potholder! 

Which in turn inspired me to get stitching, a rocking chair by the fire also provided some inspiration...

I feel all warm and cozy on this holiday with my family and friends, I hope you too are enjoying special traditions or making new customs to observe.  Oh, I've managed to wrap this up just in time for The Grinch that Stole Christmas, perfection.   


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