Lessons from Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts taught me lots of things like how to be a door to door sales girl,  to tie dye shirts and to always be prepared.  As a "grown up", I no longer need to sell cookies, I still tie dye shirts and I translated "always be prepared" into "buy things you need next season when they are on super sale this season", hence the acquisition of this light weight trench.  

The collar is perfectly pop-able, there is a super sweet removable petticoat and now I'm prepared for Spring.  As an added bonus, should I ever decide to flash people I am prepared with an overcoat.  Watch out NY. 



Japanese Punk Ballerina

Today's outfit makes me feel like a japanese punk ballerina...

The asymmetrical layers and folds in my skirt always make me think of the beautiful origami construction of japanese designer Issey Miyake, while the length and flow is reminiscent of a ballerina skirt and the overall feel (plus the moto boots and horse mane mohawk) make it a bit punky.  And p.s. I am also sickly so, this is what a sick Japanese Punk Ballerina looks like...


Top: J. Crew
Skirt: Free People
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell, via Solestruck


Dance Party!

Going through old photos is fun, especially when compared to the other options (unpacking), so today's post is another from the archives focused on the many avenues of dance (and dance costumes) the young VV participated in.   

Tapitty Tap Tap.

First attempt at twirling.  I wore this swimsuit ALL SUMMER LONG.
I still really like the multi colored mesh.  
Second attempt at twirling.

I went through a brief ballet phase when I had a growth spurt at 14,
it was a failed attempt to make me less gangly.

It's no secret that I'm not very graceful nor do I have the best internal metronome, so I never made it very far along in any one practice of movement, but I still love trying, even today as I take (and fail) Martha Graham dance lessons.  I'll never be as graceful as the semi-pro's I take classes with, but I'm having too much fun to give up trying.


Martha Graham



I'm in the middle of unloading into my new place here in NYC and feeling exhausted, but I was inspired by my costume box to go through old photos after dinner and post a few archival VV costumes choices.


Angel/Devil combo, I can't find the photo with my ex-b, who
was drunk jesus.
High school Halloween, in my brothers old little league uniform.
Playing dress up and forcing my bro along.
The blue pj's are a requirement when at a chemical plant, surprisingly, I was pretty happy to put
them on.  It's just like a costume!


Riot Grrrrrrl

I've been hoarding this guitar in my closet since Thanksgiving of 2010, it had been salvaged from a trash heap by a friend who quickly realized why it was in a trash heap (it sounded like garbage *rimshot*) when I swooped in to turn it into a crafty gift.  The crafty gift was started and I quickly realized I did not like the direction it was going.  This sad, beginner-guitar-turned-attempted-crafty-crappy-gift was then relegated to the corner of my closet where it lived until today, the day it died a death worthy of a rock star....


Stomp Stomp

Smashing a guitar in the street is not as easy as it seems, first off I took a huge Bam-Bam worthy swing into the concrete and nothing happened except for a sonic boom that scared some birds off.  Next came some bouncing on the front, after several hops the top caved in, from there on out the things splintered with ease.

Why smash a guitar in the street?  The better questions is WHY NOT?


Cleaning House

I'm in Texas moving this week, it's been busy cleaning out the closets, drawers and all the other nooks and crannies I use to store clothes and crafting.  I'm sure I still have more purging to do once I get to my new apartment in NY, but I plan to have all my things in one location, no storage.  That is pretty incredible to me, just five years ago my things were sprawled (but far from filling) a 2500 sq foot house, now I will be sharing a 650 sq foot space.
As pare down the tangibles, my life has become full of better intangible experiences.  I'd call it a winning deal.

I'm also cleaning out old blog pictures and ran across this hair design from Christmas Break.  



The Many Hats of VividVoltage

I took a break from packing today to try on (and act silly in) all my hats!   Hope you enjoy making fun of me as much as I enjoyed making fun of me!

I don't think a real French person would ever be caught dead in a sequin beret.
They just don't know what they're missing.


Feathers!  And my phone cover seems to act as a disco ball.

Sometimes I like to try to be classy, but I always like to avoid the sun.

My grandfathers work hat and a stupid yet entertaining at the time face.



This is my Indiana Jones hat.

More feathers!



Cowboy Boots and Tuxedo Tails

"Did you turn the flash on?"

"Hold on..."

"Did you get the photo? I'm tired"

Faux Tux jacket: BB Dakota
Stripe Top: Zara
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Lucchese 
I try to post photos in a timely manner and in order of occurrence, but my blog ends up being just as chaotic as my life, go figure.  

This was what I happened wear to work and on the flight to Texas for my first trip back, which worked out perfectly because what is more appropriate for a Texas homecoming than cowboy boots and tuxedo tails?  



Size Doesn't Matter

Frill Collar Button Down: J. Crew
Wool Skit:  Vintage Pendleton, pom-pom embellishments from yours truly
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell, via Solestruck 

Please people, get your mind out of out the gutter, this is a style blog.... I'm talking about vanity sizing and vintage shopping.  This vintage wool skirt from Pendleton is a size 12 petite, I am neither petite nor a modern day size 12, but when you have your hands on a $5 moth-hole-free-wool-skirt you can't pay attention to such silly notions of size or you'll miss out on a sweet deal.  The skirt hem hit at an awkward spot, but thats nothing a few snips and poms poms can fix.   

Today's lesson:  always try on thirft/vintage and pom poms fix all the worlds ills.



Wearable Art

I got a new 'do this weekend inspired by Piet Mondrian and it is totally rad, no?  I'm too tired to think right now, so that's all I got.  Art.  Hair.  Awesome.  




Coat: Esprit, circa 2003
Scarf:  Banana Republic, circa 2005
Vest: H & M
Skirt: Vintage
Tights: Hue

NYE is a daunting holiday, it gets so much hype and rarely ever lives up to expectations.  Even in my home town of Houston where I had a network of people and events, I never got super psyched about NYE because you just can't plan to have fun, it just happens.  But I still have to look cute, just in case.  

It paid off.