Riot Grrrrrrl

I've been hoarding this guitar in my closet since Thanksgiving of 2010, it had been salvaged from a trash heap by a friend who quickly realized why it was in a trash heap (it sounded like garbage *rimshot*) when I swooped in to turn it into a crafty gift.  The crafty gift was started and I quickly realized I did not like the direction it was going.  This sad, beginner-guitar-turned-attempted-crafty-crappy-gift was then relegated to the corner of my closet where it lived until today, the day it died a death worthy of a rock star....


Stomp Stomp

Smashing a guitar in the street is not as easy as it seems, first off I took a huge Bam-Bam worthy swing into the concrete and nothing happened except for a sonic boom that scared some birds off.  Next came some bouncing on the front, after several hops the top caved in, from there on out the things splintered with ease.

Why smash a guitar in the street?  The better questions is WHY NOT?


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  1. That looks very therapeutic. It reminds of me when my parents were ripping out their carpet, so I stuck my hands in paint and made handprints all over it.