I'm in the middle of unloading into my new place here in NYC and feeling exhausted, but I was inspired by my costume box to go through old photos after dinner and post a few archival VV costumes choices.


Angel/Devil combo, I can't find the photo with my ex-b, who
was drunk jesus.
High school Halloween, in my brothers old little league uniform.
Playing dress up and forcing my bro along.
The blue pj's are a requirement when at a chemical plant, surprisingly, I was pretty happy to put
them on.  It's just like a costume!


  1. Awesome! You need to name your costume box, the Tickle Trunk. If you don't understand that, then Google Mr Dressup (Canadian kids show I grew up watching.)

    I think you would have enjoyed it with your dressing up and costumes (=

  2. Steve that sounds awesome, Tickle Trunk it is! I might DL and watch a few episodes after I finish Jem and the Holograms.