Dance Party!

Going through old photos is fun, especially when compared to the other options (unpacking), so today's post is another from the archives focused on the many avenues of dance (and dance costumes) the young VV participated in.   

Tapitty Tap Tap.

First attempt at twirling.  I wore this swimsuit ALL SUMMER LONG.
I still really like the multi colored mesh.  
Second attempt at twirling.

I went through a brief ballet phase when I had a growth spurt at 14,
it was a failed attempt to make me less gangly.

It's no secret that I'm not very graceful nor do I have the best internal metronome, so I never made it very far along in any one practice of movement, but I still love trying, even today as I take (and fail) Martha Graham dance lessons.  I'll never be as graceful as the semi-pro's I take classes with, but I'm having too much fun to give up trying.


Martha Graham

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