Size Doesn't Matter

Frill Collar Button Down: J. Crew
Wool Skit:  Vintage Pendleton, pom-pom embellishments from yours truly
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell, via Solestruck 

Please people, get your mind out of out the gutter, this is a style blog.... I'm talking about vanity sizing and vintage shopping.  This vintage wool skirt from Pendleton is a size 12 petite, I am neither petite nor a modern day size 12, but when you have your hands on a $5 moth-hole-free-wool-skirt you can't pay attention to such silly notions of size or you'll miss out on a sweet deal.  The skirt hem hit at an awkward spot, but thats nothing a few snips and poms poms can fix.   

Today's lesson:  always try on thirft/vintage and pom poms fix all the worlds ills.



  1. Maybe if we dropped pom poms instead of bombs, the world would be a lot more peaceful?

  2. You're correct Steve! Pom-Poms and glitter would make everyone happier. As long as no one gets glitter in their eye, that hurts.