PJ Pinup

Acid Wash Tee: American Apparel
 70's style running shorts: BIKE, thrifted
Shawl Collar Sweatshirt: J. Crew 

OK, these aren't exactly PJ's, I did wear this out to pick up some ice cream, but "lougewear pinup" didn't have the right ring to it.  The only thing missing from today's laziness was a nap, but I couldn't quite figure out how to fit that in between the ice cream and tv watching and reading.  Time to get back to my regularly scheduled lounging...



No Parking

Denim Button Down: borrowed from my boyfriend
Sequin Tank: J.Crew
Ripped Jeans: Target
Floral Scarf: sample
Wooden Bracelets: J. Crew
Floral Shoes: Forever 21

Warning to my boyfriend:  don't leave your button downs at my place, or they might become mine...



Learning about Fall

Sweater: Anthro
Dress: Buffalo Exchange
Shoes: Chuck Taylors
Sunnies: Vintage
Jewelry: samples from my old job

Sorry for that last ugly face photo!  I lost an earring shortly after and that's the only accessory shot it got!

I'm learning how to dress in this weird season Northerners call "Fall".  In Texas, there isn't such a season where the sun is shining but the air is crisp.  In this "Fall" weather, its sometimes too cold in the shade but then too hot in the sun, the mornings and evenings are chilly but if you dress for those the afternoons can be too toasty.  I'm like Goldie Locks trying to find just the right amount of layers necessary to be "just right" all the time.  This outfit didn't fit the bill, it wasn't quite warm enough to take me through the whole day.  Livin' and learnin'!


Rugged Mountain Woman (and Man)

Flannel Shirt: Target
HIgh Waist/Straight Leg Jeans: Anthro
Belt: Anthro
Shoes: Toms
Scarf: Vintage
Camera: Diana F+

My friendly local looking rugged by the Awosting Falls.

Lake Minnewaska

I had some Baby (as in "Nobody puts Baby in the corner") moments dancing on a bridge.

Ice cream break!

This past Saturday, I spent the day hiking around the beautiful Hudson Valley with a friendly local, vintage shopping and browsing some dreamy antique.  I scored a sweet $5 leather vest, then ogled and fondled some gorgeous mid-century antiques, it was all part of a weekend get away with my *gasp* boyfriend.  It feels weird for me to talk about actual details of my life here, instead of only my comings and goings and clothes.  I find it hard to only talk about clothes/fashion and I don't want to only post photos (although a tumblr is in the works) so I guess some important details of my life are bound to come out, so now you've met my bf!



Is blogging like riding a bike?

Hi there internet friends....

I'm sure you haven't missed lil' ol' me in the big wide world of style blogging and, to be honest, I cannot say that I have particularly missed you...only because I do not actually know you (if I did, I know I'd miss that smiling face of yours, your silly laugh and that weird way you eat donuts) but I can say that I have REALLY missed blogging.  I like talking to my self, working things out in the open and maybe distantly influencing stylish ladies out there in the same way I am influenced by stylish people I see in my life.  I found my self thinking about it almost every day, writing posts in my head as I went to work, catching my self posing as I glanced in a window, but I could never actually get in front of a camera and then in front of a computer to get all these posts out of my head and into the internet.

Most of the reason for my absence has been due to the fact that it takes time to acclimate to a new city and a new life, especially in NYC.  Needless to say, I've been having fun, for example, this weekend I escaped NYC and took the train up to the Hudson Valley, and was able to get this little photo shoot in the gardens on the Dia:Beacon grounds.

Reflections of affection in one of the exhibits.

Reflections of a Flavin exhibit in a window of the Dia, 
it looks like an alien, no?

I look pretty.....pretty ridiculous.

Sunnies: Vintage
Lace/Chambray Top: Anthropologie
High Waist/Strait Leg Jeans:  Also Anthro
 Belt: Embarrassingly enough, Anthro
Moccasins:  Minnetonka 

Recently, as I have found my self thinking more and more about blogging again, I started making all these stipulations, I need to update my blog, start with the perfect outfit, in the perfect NY location, etc etc... basically, using perfection as a form of procrastination.  To use the bike analogy, I expected myself to start off racing in the Tour de France instead of taking a gentle cruise around the 'hood, but I came to my senses and decided practice makes perfect.