Stir Crazy!

Sweater: Thrifted by my boyfriend, then borrowed by me
Sheer Top: Zara, from a recent clothes swap
Bralette: Target 
Yummy Wool Socks: Sock Dreams

The East Coast had a visitor named Sandy yesterday, she caused quite a stir, leaving some people displaced or worse, others with no electricity and many with a hangover.  Being a Southerner, I take hurricanes seriously and took all the proper precautions.  For a variety of reasons I decided to camp out at my boyfriends apartment in Clinton Hill (even though he is in SF on biz) and I am glad I did, my place in Manhattan has no power and there was lots of water on the ground floors (click here for photos taken only 5 blocks north of my building) and we were very comfortable here with our power and internet.  

As part of my entertainment I took photos of my self wearing a cat scarf:

Rocking my socks up real high like in HS:

And my left over mismatched nails from a weekend Halloween Party...

I spent lots of time on the computer, uploading photos to Flickr and other various things I never make the time to do, but with a sweet cat face staring at me it wasn't so bad:

All in all I feel very fortunate knowing my friends are all safe and sound.  Now its time to have a post Sandy hurricane party!  



Mixed Metals

Knit Top: Madewell (2012)
Skirt: Anthro (old)
Moccasins: Minnetonka 

There is a lot of neutral going on here, very unusual for me, but I really liked this outfit because of the accessories.  Rose gold, bronze, gold, hematite, jet, crystal all mixed together atop a Lurex knit for some understated glam.


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UPDATE: These photo's were taken on 10.23 and were forgotten about with Halloween weekend and Sandy and what not, in the meantime the genius over at The Sartorialist just posted a new segment on Maroon Socks (or Oxblood Socks if you want to be trendy)!  


Ghosts of Halloweens Past

2003-Dark Angel

2006-Black Cat Betties

2008-Mad Hatter

2009-Red Queen

I'm hunkered down in a high spot in Brooklyn ready for this Frankenstorm to get here already,  I've got food, water, wine, books and movies, plus a few blog posts to write, but I've also took some time to go through some old Halloween photos, since it is my favorite time of the year.  Check back on Halloween for the 2012 costume, that is, assuming I have power and internet!



Contemplating Closet Rehab

Sweater: Forever 21 (old)
Tank: Madewell 
Shorts: dELiA*s (old, like 12 years)
OTK Socks: Smart Wool
Boots: Frye
Earrings: H&M

"You said something I didn't like"
"You said something I did like"

These shorts are OLD, not quite as old as the Essex Street J Stop dress (that thing is like Junior High old), the shorts are maybe college old.  When it comes to clothes, I have a hoarding problem, I admit it.  Recently a friend was holding a clothing swap and I only managed to clean out 7 or so things from a bulging closet and I'm pretty sure I brought the same amount back, which means I failed in the streamlining of the closet.  The one good thing that comes of an overflowing closet is that I now evaluate everything I purchase with a most critical eye.  

For the last three months I have been considering different ways to condense my closet without feeling the immediate urge to fill the space back up.  There's the Jessi Arrington (graphic designer, TED speaker and rainbow lover extraordinaire) 100 items pledge, that sounds too harsh for me, but I love the philosophy of clothing being "on loan" and ironing a URL on discarded items for future thrifters.  My friend Micheline is adopting the "basics only" approach which reminds me of a pair and a spare's wardrobe essentials guide, I find this to be lacking in color and print.  

How do you approach your closet, any tips for me as I formulate a plan?

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Essex St J Stop

Dress: Vintage, from my closet
Boots: Fry (old)
Field Jacket: Trouve, via Nordstroms (old)
Earrings/Necklace: samples
Seed Bead Bracelets: Marc Jacobs
Other Bracelets: samples
Lace Trim Bike Shorts: Only Hearts

This mischievous look means: "Is any one coming?"
"No one is coming, so I'm gonna flash you!"

We had three minutes till the train came, Nick and I ran off the platform, leaving our friends yelling that they won't wait for us and snapped these photos before jumping on the train and heading into the night.

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Outfit Evolution

Short Sleeve Stripe Top: Zara (old)
Houndstooth Sheer Button Down: Forever 21 (this season)
Pleat Skirt: Anthro (this season)
Tights: Hue, via Macy's (this season)
Lurex Stripe Socks: H&M (this season)
Shoes: Mia, via DSW (this season)
Necklace: sample
Earrings: H&M (this season)

Sometimes it takes me a while to get dressed in the morning, for example, on this day I knew I wanted to wear this combination of tops, but that was it.  I tried on the red skirt first and felt a little too Christmas-y, then settled on a very New York all black look with simple diamond studs and felt really good about myself as I walked out the door.  

Then, I got out side and realized it was one of those chilly 60 degree days and that after walking a few blocks the new shoes I bought because they were so comfortable were not so comfortable, so I made my way to H&M to pick up socks to warm and comfort my toes and ended up with these sweet cobalt earrings.  Next, I was off to Macy's to use an old gift card and refresh my tights wardrobe, as I left to my next destination I was still not warm and added the cobalt tights in the first photo and essentially re-pierced my second holes to keep my diamonds safe and wear the earrings that now matched my outfit.  

This day proved that just because I leave my apartment doesn't mean I am dome getting dressed! 



30 or 3?

Stripe Top: Zara (old)
Lace Dress: Ronnie Nicole (old)
Knee High Socks: J. Crew (old)
Flatforms: Jeffery Campbell, via Sole Struck

These photos are from last January, when I meant to keep up the blogging, but got side tracked with New York City.  I remember thinking that I was dressing like a very mature three year old... knee highs, mary jane shoes, pretty jumper layered for warmth and a backpack with my lunch in it.  Sounds like a three year old going off to day care, or in my case, a 30 year old going off to work.  To complete the look of a three year old I just need a pair of frilly bloomers, which I am sure to find somewhere on Etsy.



Ladies Who Brunch

Faux Fur Sweater Vest: Urban Outfitters (maybe 2001?)
Chambray Button Down: Madewell (old)
Lace Shorts: Antrho (old)
Tights: DSW
Moccasin: Minnetonka
Rings: Antique (L) Juicy Couture (R)


Collar Adornment

Animal Print Trench: Anthro
Teal Button Down: Jack, via the East Village Cloak & Dagger
Watercolor Pencil Skirt: Dusty Buttons
Shoes: Mia, via DSW
Watch: Anne Klein 
Ring: Antique from my Mimi
Sweater Clasp: Vintage

Collar adornment has been coming down the pipeline for over a year now....

Peter Pan Collars attached to clothing, or as a fabric or chain necklace:

Standard Collars with adornment:

Or a plain ol' button down, buttoned all the way up, with a short statement neck featured underneath:

My super crafty friend Erin is making these beauties from vintage button downs and earrings:

With those as inspiration I wore my 1950's sweater clasp attached to the points of my collar on a rainy day recently.