Collar Adornment

Animal Print Trench: Anthro
Teal Button Down: Jack, via the East Village Cloak & Dagger
Watercolor Pencil Skirt: Dusty Buttons
Shoes: Mia, via DSW
Watch: Anne Klein 
Ring: Antique from my Mimi
Sweater Clasp: Vintage

Collar adornment has been coming down the pipeline for over a year now....

Peter Pan Collars attached to clothing, or as a fabric or chain necklace:

Standard Collars with adornment:

Or a plain ol' button down, buttoned all the way up, with a short statement neck featured underneath:

My super crafty friend Erin is making these beauties from vintage button downs and earrings:

With those as inspiration I wore my 1950's sweater clasp attached to the points of my collar on a rainy day recently.  


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  1. I actually saw Erin's neck pieces in a nifty little store here. Super crafty she is indeed!

    Glad you are back to blogging more regularly (=