Holla atcha girl

Earrings: gift
Field Jacket: Trouve
Scarf: gift
Pants: Antrho (old)
Slip ons: Vans

As I type this, I'm listening to old school No Doubt I'm Just a Girl and I'm not ashamed to say that I l-o-v-e No Doubt and Gwen Stefani.  From the first moment I heard that song, I was captivated, now-a-days we call it a "girl crush".  Seriously, how could a 14 year old girl not respond to a totally bad ass babe wailing about the confinement of being a girl?  I'm sure most everyone in my age bracket had similar feelings.   

The song and the image of Miss Stefani rang so true, I was 14, confused about everything, trying to fit in but then again not wanting to.  Gwen Stefani was singing about the way I was feeling, she was both pretty and bad ass but also kinda goofy and awkward (remember the braces?).  She was the perfect mixture of what I wanted to be and how I felt, and she was singing about what I needed to hear.  I took what she said to heart and also to the mall.  I never copied her exact outfits, but I loved the way she mixed boys clothes with a chola girl style and topped it all off with some red lips, pin up hair, sparkle bindi's and probably some leopard print thrown in for good measure.    


There was something so familiar about this outfit when I put it on, but I didn't place the Gwen connection till now, which is a few days later.  I still love Ms. Stefani's style (or is it Mrs. Rossdale?) even though I have my own style now.  And now-a-days I'm still confused, still trying to fit in but not wanting to at the same time, still wear read lips, lots of leopard and sparkles and dabble in menswear, but I do NOT feel confined by being a girl.  I love being a girl, I love that I have the option of how to look, how I want to be perceived by the world.  To reference the lyrics, Nobody is forcing me to hold their hand and I do not have a pink ribbon on my eyes.  But I am pretty and I am bad ass (lets just call it pretty bad ass from now on) and to be perfectly honest I do owe some of this pretty bad assness to Gwen Stefani, now if I could only have her abs....

And that concludes today's love letter to Gwen Stefani, thanks for letting me have my soapbox moment.


ps.  For the record, Fiona Apple holds an equally important place in my heart, and I can't wait to see her show in NY in just a few days!

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