Magic Pants

Sunnies: Vintage
Purple Leopard Print Scarf: H&M (old)
Fluffy Sweater Vest: Anthro
Henley: LNA clothing
Galaxy Print Leggings: Blackmilk
Pink Shoes: Converse
Jewelry: samples


I love these Blackmilk leggings, the print is from an actual NASA photo of a galaxy far far away, which appeals to my curious science-y side and they are damn colorful and fun which appeals to my every side.  

Today these pants got lots of attention, an adorable, fashionable 5 year old girl struck up a conversation with me on a bus, two middle age Jehovah's Witness' from Tennessee started a conversation with me and a friend (who was also dressed in outlandish leggings), and a teenage blogger stopped us while enjoying The Met, all because of these pants.  New York is a city that is known as unfriendly and impersonal, but I have found that if you are open to the city and its inhabitants, magical things can happen.  I may not have the whole world in my hand, but having a galaxy on my ass proves to be just as fun.


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