Outfit Evolution

Short Sleeve Stripe Top: Zara (old)
Houndstooth Sheer Button Down: Forever 21 (this season)
Pleat Skirt: Anthro (this season)
Tights: Hue, via Macy's (this season)
Lurex Stripe Socks: H&M (this season)
Shoes: Mia, via DSW (this season)
Necklace: sample
Earrings: H&M (this season)

Sometimes it takes me a while to get dressed in the morning, for example, on this day I knew I wanted to wear this combination of tops, but that was it.  I tried on the red skirt first and felt a little too Christmas-y, then settled on a very New York all black look with simple diamond studs and felt really good about myself as I walked out the door.  

Then, I got out side and realized it was one of those chilly 60 degree days and that after walking a few blocks the new shoes I bought because they were so comfortable were not so comfortable, so I made my way to H&M to pick up socks to warm and comfort my toes and ended up with these sweet cobalt earrings.  Next, I was off to Macy's to use an old gift card and refresh my tights wardrobe, as I left to my next destination I was still not warm and added the cobalt tights in the first photo and essentially re-pierced my second holes to keep my diamonds safe and wear the earrings that now matched my outfit.  

This day proved that just because I leave my apartment doesn't mean I am dome getting dressed! 



  1. Your tops look great layered together! If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest post. xo


  2. It takes me and my sisters forever to get dressed in the morning too. It's always, "I have nothing in my closet" or "I don't know what to wear." Girls will be girls right? Ha ha!
    Love this look and your layering.

  3. You look so awesome!! :D Wanna follow each other?