Stir Crazy!

Sweater: Thrifted by my boyfriend, then borrowed by me
Sheer Top: Zara, from a recent clothes swap
Bralette: Target 
Yummy Wool Socks: Sock Dreams

The East Coast had a visitor named Sandy yesterday, she caused quite a stir, leaving some people displaced or worse, others with no electricity and many with a hangover.  Being a Southerner, I take hurricanes seriously and took all the proper precautions.  For a variety of reasons I decided to camp out at my boyfriends apartment in Clinton Hill (even though he is in SF on biz) and I am glad I did, my place in Manhattan has no power and there was lots of water on the ground floors (click here for photos taken only 5 blocks north of my building) and we were very comfortable here with our power and internet.  

As part of my entertainment I took photos of my self wearing a cat scarf:

Rocking my socks up real high like in HS:

And my left over mismatched nails from a weekend Halloween Party...

I spent lots of time on the computer, uploading photos to Flickr and other various things I never make the time to do, but with a sweet cat face staring at me it wasn't so bad:

All in all I feel very fortunate knowing my friends are all safe and sound.  Now its time to have a post Sandy hurricane party!  


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  1. Um, I want to comment with serious sentiments about being so glad you're safe and sorry for everything you and the whole city are going through, but I can't, because I'm DISTRACTED BY YOUR AMAZING PANTS!!!!