Earrings: samples
Sunnies: vintage

This post comes from Austin, TX, possibly the best city in the state!  It was fun packing for this trip as New York is cooling down, Austin is still very warm and I got to pack all those favorite "one last time" summer outfits, this dress is one of them.   

Every time I wear this dress I am impressed with the craftsmanship of it... the perfect pleats at the halter, the matched seams and ginormous sweep in the skirt are not common in off-the-rack dresses.  It is handmade in Houston, TX by Judy Masliyah in small batches from new or vintage fabric and it is impossible not to swirl in it.  I've swirled all over Austin today from a boyfriend-meet-the-parents brunch at an adorable B & B, The Adam's House, a rendezvous in the Mexic-Arte Museum, to coffee with my brother, a waltz down S. Congress, an infamous Round Rock Donut and now I'm settling down after a delicious dinner to roll my eyes (at both sides) of the debate, write a blog post and enjoy some wine, finally.



  1. seriously in love with that dress.

  2. The first photo is marvelous. I too love a last frolic in a favorite summer dress and Austin!