Park in the Dark

Dress: Kirna Zabete for Targer
Necklace: Sample
Belt: Sample
Lace Tights: Donna Karen
Blue Suede Boots: Jeffery Campbell

I don't know about you guys, but I am already tired of daylight savings time.



Rouge Russian Princess

Sweater:  Gap (last year)
Tank: Madewell
Belt/Jeans/Shoes: same as the post prior
Circle Scarf: sample
Earrings: samples

I live in Manhattan, Alphabet City to be exact, getting to my boyfriends apartment in Brooklyn takes about 40 minutes.  It's just long enough where on the occasion we stay in Brooklyn for a couple nights in a row, I'd rather pack a bag than trek back and forth.  I'm picky and finicky about what I wear (surprise) but I think I am getting pretty good about packing the least amount of things and still looking like a different version of myself.  

Today, I feel like an ostentatious animal print loving tough girl, somewhat like a rouge Russian princess hiding in America.  In the last post, I felt more like a pretty pretty princess turning bad girl, ala Sandy in Grease.  Obviously, I have a very active imagination and those two "different" styles are really two sides of the same coin, but they are different enough for me!



Sequins and Seashells

Embellished Vest: Urban Outfitters (10 years old)
Henley: LnA
Belt: from a Market in Florence, Italy
Pre-ripped Jeans: Target
Boots: Frye
Pearl and Shell Necklace: Goodwill
Bird Earrings: Marc Jacobs

I've been using my Diana camera again, this post is evidence, which means I must get the film developed, which means not one, but two stops at my local Lomography store.  I don't mind this at all, the employees are super friendly, they always recognize me and we have some nice banter while going about our commerce.  The other reason I don't mind the errand is the super great Goodwill store directly across the street.  I've found some wonderful things still to be featured on the blog, the first of which is this gorge-o-rama sea shell and floral necklace, which is a perfectly sweet counterpoint to some ripped up jeans and tough girl boots.



Witchy Woman

Scarf: Banana Republic (old)
Ballerina Wrap Sweater: Banana Republic (old)
Patchwork Velvet Skirt: vintage
Boots: Frye

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Happy Day Black Friday!  Did you buy anything today???  Don't forget about Small Business Saturday, stop by your local gift store or boutique to support commerce in your neighborhood; that'll make you feel good, your local merchants smile and the gift recipient smile, unless it's a self purchase then you're already smiling.



Candy Ribbons

Coat: I don't remember! (old)
Scarf: Banana Republic (old)
Watercolor Sweater: H & M (old)
Houndstooth Button Down: XXI (last season)
Jeans: Target (old)
Booties: Mia (this season)
Earrings: H & M (this season)
Necklace: Vintage, from my Mimi
Cocktail Ring: Juicy Couture
Pinky Ring: Japanese Market

Can I point out how perfectly my sweet and sour candy ribbons
match my earrings?  I mean, even down to the color placement, 
I couldn't ask for a better accessory to my accessories!

Sour candy face!

"Please be sure to get my necklace" I remember politely asking,
next time I will have to specify, "if you see my nose ring hanging 
out, please tell me!"

One of the "rules" of print mixing is that prints should be in the same colors and about the same size pattern, that is unless the colors compliment each other or you are mixing very very big prints with very very small prints.  In other words, the "rules" are full of exclusions, but it is generally accepted that patterns should be about the same size.  

Technically, my patterns are very different in size, these water color flowers are quite large, but the color splotches are the same size as the houndstooth, so I deemed this appropriate, mostly because I felt pretty, plus this combo looked ALOT better than the leopard print pants I tried on first with this floral sweater.  Trial and error saves the day!


p.s. I've set up some posts to magically appear on the blog even while I am very far away from a computer and the internet, thank you internet magic!


A is for Africa (and Accessories)!

I love color and accessories, and I especially love to travel, so combining these loves by gathering exotic things from my travels is natural.  I should do a post of some of the things I have picked up from all over the world, but this post is about goodies I want to find next.

Neck Rings - I want them, many of them, but not enough for the actual purpose.  Also, this woman's face is amazing, she has joy radiating from every pore.

Beaded Collars (?) - What is the significance of them and more importantly where can I find one (or ten)?  I hope to answer these hard hitting questions and come home with a few.

Gratuitous Accessories-I mostly like this photo because of the elegance captured, but she is also wearing some really cool braided necklaces and could I possibly find a crazy head piece to wear for Halloween one year?  I don't know, but the possibilities are endless and that keeps me excited!

Fabric - I haven't busted out the ol' sewing machine in a while, but it has been whispering sweet nothings to me, and I think some new gorgeous material is just the inspiration I need to heed the siren call of a time consuming sewing project.



Packing for Backpacking

I've mentioned an upcoming trip to Africa a few times on the blog, suddenly the trip is upon me and I will be leaving in 4 days!  My Dad and I are taking a "30th Anniversary trip" he turned 60 the same year I turned 30 and to celebrate we wanted to have an adventure.  It was postponed one year because moving to New York made it very challenging to plan any big trip.  

When we first booked the trip, I envisioned my self as a Bond Girl or female Indiana Jones photo hunting for the Big 5, market hunting for colorful goodies or lounging river side with my new pet leopard.  My imagination is very active...

This is not my first time backpacking, so I wasn't really surprised when I got the very short recommended packing list from our tour guide.  A couple pants, a couple tops, hiking boots, sandals and a big sun hat and lots of sunscreen is all I am packing.  With the inspiration of some glamourous and adventurous ladies and the Queen Mother of American Women's Sportswear (none other than Katherine Hepburn) I'm not too disappointed my imaginative packing didn't work out, after all I'd much rather be having real life adventure.




Soutache Vest: Goodwill
Grey V-Neck: I wish I knew the brand b/c it is so so super soft
Leather Skirt: BCBG
Tights: Hue
Boots: Frye

Soutache, that is a funny word.



What to wear to a pity party

Jacket/Beret: on loan from my boyfriend
Plaid Flannel Dress: hoarded in my closet from Jr High
Turtleneck: Velvet
Tights: Hue
Wool Knee-Highs: J. Crew
Wellies: Hunter

Last week was one of those weeks where nothing was going  my way, the power in my apartment was delayed, then once turned on I had no heat or hot water.  I had some cute, but not warm enough, clothes with me and we took photos, until the battery ran out and I realized I didn't have the charger OR the cord to transfer photos plus a million other things (big and small) went wrong.  After a year of being here, I felt a pang of wanting to go home for the very first time, I felt like New York might be beating me.   

This week, I am back in my warm apartment (sans internet) and am determined to turn my attitude around.  I went to the grocery store for nutritious food, I'm going to practice yoga, see friends, enjoy a fancy Japanese date with my handsome fellow, play with my new camera, and oh yeah... look for a job too.

I leave for Africa in one week and my parents were kind enough to give me an early Christmas present, new fancy DSLR camera, to take along on my African Adventure.  It's a bonus that I will have improved blog photos in the future!

As I read through this post, I see it is a pity party.  But what better way to make yourself feel better than throw yourself a party, even if it is a pity party?  I feel better already-thanks for listening.



Sparkletime Happiness

Sparkle Top: Vintage, via Fox and Fawn
Plaid Skort: hoarded from High School
Socks: Smart Wool
Shoes: Naturalizer (old)

I LOVE this top, the sparkles, the movement, the Tinkerbell-like pointy seaming all spell out sparkletime happiness to me, and I get a ton of compliments every time I wear it.  It should be pointed out that I only get compliments from GIRLS.  The first time my boyfriend saw me in it, his first words weren't "Hi, how are you?" or even a smooch, it was "WHAT are you wearing?"  Another guy friend questioned "That is quite a top??", but all night long girls would stop me or hollar from across the street about the sparkle top.  

It is sparkletime happiness that can only be appreciated by the better sex, so it only made sense to bust this top out for the Whitney Museums exhibit of Yayoi Kusama Fireflies on the Water.  It is one minute of pure sparkletime happiness in a dark mirror filled room light with thousands of christmas lights, the only word that can come close to describe the feeling is magic.  Take a gander for yourself at the video below...


bloggers note: this was a post from a few weeks ago that got lost in the shuffle