A is for Africa (and Accessories)!

I love color and accessories, and I especially love to travel, so combining these loves by gathering exotic things from my travels is natural.  I should do a post of some of the things I have picked up from all over the world, but this post is about goodies I want to find next.

Neck Rings - I want them, many of them, but not enough for the actual purpose.  Also, this woman's face is amazing, she has joy radiating from every pore.

Beaded Collars (?) - What is the significance of them and more importantly where can I find one (or ten)?  I hope to answer these hard hitting questions and come home with a few.

Gratuitous Accessories-I mostly like this photo because of the elegance captured, but she is also wearing some really cool braided necklaces and could I possibly find a crazy head piece to wear for Halloween one year?  I don't know, but the possibilities are endless and that keeps me excited!

Fabric - I haven't busted out the ol' sewing machine in a while, but it has been whispering sweet nothings to me, and I think some new gorgeous material is just the inspiration I need to heed the siren call of a time consuming sewing project.


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