Candy Ribbons

Coat: I don't remember! (old)
Scarf: Banana Republic (old)
Watercolor Sweater: H & M (old)
Houndstooth Button Down: XXI (last season)
Jeans: Target (old)
Booties: Mia (this season)
Earrings: H & M (this season)
Necklace: Vintage, from my Mimi
Cocktail Ring: Juicy Couture
Pinky Ring: Japanese Market

Can I point out how perfectly my sweet and sour candy ribbons
match my earrings?  I mean, even down to the color placement, 
I couldn't ask for a better accessory to my accessories!

Sour candy face!

"Please be sure to get my necklace" I remember politely asking,
next time I will have to specify, "if you see my nose ring hanging 
out, please tell me!"

One of the "rules" of print mixing is that prints should be in the same colors and about the same size pattern, that is unless the colors compliment each other or you are mixing very very big prints with very very small prints.  In other words, the "rules" are full of exclusions, but it is generally accepted that patterns should be about the same size.  

Technically, my patterns are very different in size, these water color flowers are quite large, but the color splotches are the same size as the houndstooth, so I deemed this appropriate, mostly because I felt pretty, plus this combo looked ALOT better than the leopard print pants I tried on first with this floral sweater.  Trial and error saves the day!


p.s. I've set up some posts to magically appear on the blog even while I am very far away from a computer and the internet, thank you internet magic!

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