I haven't done an outfit post in a while because I have been repeating the same clothes over the past week and I pretty much want to burn them and never see them again.  That is because I am still camping out at my boyfriends house because my apartment does not have power, despite all of Lower Manhattan being restored, some buildings (mine included) sustained damage to technical schmecnical stuff that I do not understand.  

This is not a complaint, only a statement, because I would never compare my situation to those living in Staten Island, Red Hook, Rockaway and many other places that experienced extreme damage and are living without a home and regular supply of food or water in extremely cold weather conditions.  They need HELP and the traditional ways of receiving help (FEMA/Red Cross) are very slow, the Occupy Sandy movement has been quick and to the point in providing help, mobilizing the thousands  of citizens willing to help and donate while cutting through the red tape and bureaucracy.  I saw Occupy Sandy today in person when I made my donations and will participate today by giving my time.

I urge you to consider donating anything you can: time, money, supplies...  

And possibly the most ingenious way to give from far away, Amazon.  In a shameless plug for my love of Amazon, if you are not a Prime Member, seriously consider it and then donate generously with FREE SHIPPING.  For a nominal fee you can order almost anything from Amazon and receive it in no less than two days for free, if you hate running silly errands as much as I do you will find this very valuable, and no better time than now to join and ship many relief supplies for free and save your self time for the next year.

This second list ships directly to the church I dropped off donations to and will be volunteering at today, this place is legit and I can vouch for the professionalism and humanity of this operation.

I'm off to volunteer in more clothes I stole from Nick, please remember to kiss your loved ones, appreciate your home and smile at strangers.


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