Packing for Backpacking

I've mentioned an upcoming trip to Africa a few times on the blog, suddenly the trip is upon me and I will be leaving in 4 days!  My Dad and I are taking a "30th Anniversary trip" he turned 60 the same year I turned 30 and to celebrate we wanted to have an adventure.  It was postponed one year because moving to New York made it very challenging to plan any big trip.  

When we first booked the trip, I envisioned my self as a Bond Girl or female Indiana Jones photo hunting for the Big 5, market hunting for colorful goodies or lounging river side with my new pet leopard.  My imagination is very active...

This is not my first time backpacking, so I wasn't really surprised when I got the very short recommended packing list from our tour guide.  A couple pants, a couple tops, hiking boots, sandals and a big sun hat and lots of sunscreen is all I am packing.  With the inspiration of some glamourous and adventurous ladies and the Queen Mother of American Women's Sportswear (none other than Katherine Hepburn) I'm not too disappointed my imaginative packing didn't work out, after all I'd much rather be having real life adventure.



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