Sparkletime Happiness

Sparkle Top: Vintage, via Fox and Fawn
Plaid Skort: hoarded from High School
Socks: Smart Wool
Shoes: Naturalizer (old)

I LOVE this top, the sparkles, the movement, the Tinkerbell-like pointy seaming all spell out sparkletime happiness to me, and I get a ton of compliments every time I wear it.  It should be pointed out that I only get compliments from GIRLS.  The first time my boyfriend saw me in it, his first words weren't "Hi, how are you?" or even a smooch, it was "WHAT are you wearing?"  Another guy friend questioned "That is quite a top??", but all night long girls would stop me or hollar from across the street about the sparkle top.  

It is sparkletime happiness that can only be appreciated by the better sex, so it only made sense to bust this top out for the Whitney Museums exhibit of Yayoi Kusama Fireflies on the Water.  It is one minute of pure sparkletime happiness in a dark mirror filled room light with thousands of christmas lights, the only word that can come close to describe the feeling is magic.  Take a gander for yourself at the video below...


bloggers note: this was a post from a few weeks ago that got lost in the shuffle


  1. Haha, your different reactions from boys vs. girls is pretty hilarious. And not to be a cliche about my gender or anything, but I love it!!! I also love you pairing it with that plaid skirt, something I don't think it ever would have occurred to me to do. It looks awesome!!!

  2. LOL. I saw that first picture and thought, quite honestly, "She just needs a pair of wings now..."

    And it is a great sparkly top!

    Glad to see you still posting and surviving the mayhem that is over there!