What to wear to a pity party

Jacket/Beret: on loan from my boyfriend
Plaid Flannel Dress: hoarded in my closet from Jr High
Turtleneck: Velvet
Tights: Hue
Wool Knee-Highs: J. Crew
Wellies: Hunter

Last week was one of those weeks where nothing was going  my way, the power in my apartment was delayed, then once turned on I had no heat or hot water.  I had some cute, but not warm enough, clothes with me and we took photos, until the battery ran out and I realized I didn't have the charger OR the cord to transfer photos plus a million other things (big and small) went wrong.  After a year of being here, I felt a pang of wanting to go home for the very first time, I felt like New York might be beating me.   

This week, I am back in my warm apartment (sans internet) and am determined to turn my attitude around.  I went to the grocery store for nutritious food, I'm going to practice yoga, see friends, enjoy a fancy Japanese date with my handsome fellow, play with my new camera, and oh yeah... look for a job too.

I leave for Africa in one week and my parents were kind enough to give me an early Christmas present, new fancy DSLR camera, to take along on my African Adventure.  It's a bonus that I will have improved blog photos in the future!

As I read through this post, I see it is a pity party.  But what better way to make yourself feel better than throw yourself a party, even if it is a pity party?  I feel better already-thanks for listening.



  1. Hard weeks happen, baby, there's nothing wrong with acknowledging it before you dust yourself off! Your city did go through a hurricane, after all, I think you're allowed to be a little exasperated!

    You are not, however, allowed to look this good. That's just ridiculous.

  2. Pity looks good on you, but I'm glad everything is better. Enjoy Africa!