Ziggy Stardust

Happy Halloween!  I promised a Halloween day post, but felt a little ill yesterday and couldn't quite bring myself to stare at a computer screen.  Over the weekend I celebrated Halloween here in NYC as Ziggy Stardust, a costume I have been waiting to wear for about 2 years now.  Last year in New York there was a freak snow/rain storm that kinda shut down celebrations over the weekend, but I went to the parade, this year, I made it out dressed up for weekend celebrations, but freak weather shut down the parade!  

My friend Sarah dressed up as what could only be described as a Anime Glitter Goblin, check out those super awesome glitter eyebrows:



Before we went out, we whipped up some Halloween Trickery:

Then we practiced our rock star kicks or karate kicks:

Doing my makeup was really fun, I did a lot of contouring and highlighting to make my face look more angular and alien androgynous, here are some photos of the process.   

All credit for the awesome make up must go to Kandee Johnson's super helpful tutorial, she has tons of great video's on everyday make-up, costume make-up, tips, tricks, nail design, you name it, she covers it in a fun and friendly video format.


I've already planned my costume for next year and I'm counting down the days...


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