An Anthology of Hair

In honor of throwback thursday, and due to my jet lag induced laziness at getting any blog photos this week, AND because I have been contemplating a hair change, I'm posting some old photos that highlight a few of my ever-changing hair styles.

I call this my "pyramid hair", clearly a bob and a perm should never happen at the same time.

I had very short hair throughout most of HS, the only photo I can find is my senior photo when I was growing it out.

Again, college photos are lost in space, but a few years after college I finally became brave enough to dabble in some color.

PINKHEADS have more fun.  I was purple at one point as well, but again, my evidence is lost.  

I feel another pixie cut coming on, I've had this shaved business for about three years now, and it's super fun, but I love change and I'm feeling the itch.  Click here for more photos of my hair over the years or check out my Pinterest hair board for some lust worthy crops.  


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