Mustang Pride

These photos were taken infront of a Mustang mural infront of my old High School!

Sweatshirt: Walmart, altered by me
Plaid Pants: Sanctuary Clothing
Shoes: Vans

Wow, where did the last week and a half go?  I've flown to TX for the holidays, LA for a job interview, had TWO job offers, cared for a sick puppy, received a singing telegram from a BF in the dog house, and somewhere in between all that saw friends, got some sweet new hair designs, celebrated Christmas with the family AND ACCEPTED A JOB.  You're look at an employed lady style blogger!

A few months ago after being laid off I was thinking of what qualities I wanted in my new job or career.  I wanted to work for an entrepreneurial company, with young people, where I could be a weirdo (i.e. wear whatever I wanted, have my crazy hair, and feel free to be myself), have a flexible schedule, surround my self with creative people and have time to run my blog for a few minutes here and there throughout the week.  Well, I must have done something right because I found that exact job at Karmaloop.  It was a tough decision between the two jobs, because while this job has everything I want, it requires me to move to Boston.  I could have stayed in NYC and been successful with a more traditional company that I had an offer from, but after some soul searching decided that this company and the career opportunity was worth leaving NYC for.  I'm incredibly sad to be leaving but also very excited about this new adventure!  I start in the beginning of January and will move a little later on in Spring, in the meantime, I'll be documenting my travels and the move, give you an insider look at the buying process, plus regular style posts.  Stay tuned!

I mentioned the new hair designs earlier, some close up photos are below.


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  1. Great pics! Good luck, Steph! Your adventures are amazing! Wishing you the best!