Magical Unicorns

Black Cardi: Uniqlo
Awesome Unicorn Tee: Big Gay Ice Cream shop
Pleated Skirt: Anthro
Socks: Smart Wool
Boots: Frye
Earrings: H&M, also seen here
Bracelets: samples

I'm sporting my fav tee today from the best ever ice cream shop in NY, Big Gay Ice Cream. It's a magical little shop with glittery unicorns painted on the wall, delicious ice cream treats and friendly folk.  If you're ever in Manhattan, you must stop and treat your self, even in the winter this ice cream warms your heart.



Candy Necklace

Sweater: J.Crew, first seen here
Layered Skirt: Anthro, also here
Socks: Gap
Boots: Frye
Watch: Marc Jacobs, also here

All 13 years of school, Kindergarten through graduation, my Mom took photos of my brother and I on our first day of school in essentially the same spot, documenting our growth, awkward phases and amazingly-awesome-at-the-time-but-looking-back-now-terrible outfit choices.  It was ingrained in me to the point of even now, many years later, I didn't necessarily think of these photos as blog photos, I thought of these as "first day in the new office photos".  My Mom texted reminding me to take them so she could see what I wore, but the reminder wasn't even necessary.

My first week in the office went awesome, I was sad to leave the office but happy to return to NYC.  I am also looking forward to the complete wardrobe freedom this office has!  The line between out of office and in office apparel is no longer existant in my world, its going to be so awesome.



Week in Review

Gah!  In the count down to returning to work I had stored up a few shoots to fill the gap while I was traveling, but a computer malfunction changed my plans.  Here's a few on-the-go photos from the past week.


Silly selfie.

This was part of an outfit shoot sadly lost last 
week when transferring photos.

Atlanta Afternoons.

Stephanie sandwich.

Candy necklace.

Body chain gang.


This outfit is SO last year.

Flannel Plaid Shirt: Target
Suede Skirt: anthro sale rack
Tights: Hue
Boots: Jeffery Campbell, last seen here 

I ran across these photos from before the new year, isn't this outfit SO last year?  Cue the rimshot!  Thanks Ashley for the fun photos!

It's my last day of not being employed, so I am off to treat myself to a good ol' fashioned schvitz at the Russian Turkish Baths in my neighborhood.



My first blog photos EVER.

While home over the holidays, I ran across this set of photos of lil' 4 (?) year old me in my very first blog shoot ever. 

At the time, my parents didn't know that they were creating a lil' photo monster.  What's a photo monster?  It's me.  I love being in photos, which sounds super vain, but for me it isn't from a vain place.  I used to think this rooted from my years as a fashion model, but I am starting to wonder if it started with these very photos?  Many times I've written about how getting dressed every day is playing dress up, being in front of the camera is capturing the act.  Hell, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to "photographs I wish I was in", they are all fantastical, magical, artistic, creative and beautiful; projecting all the things I wish to be.

So maybe it is a sickness or maybe it is a very normal thing that all style bloggers feel?  Either way, this is a part of the reason why I am here, blogging about clothes, style and random shit.  I'm having fun, I hope you are too.



Bring it.

Pre-blizzard in Brooklyn, bring it.

Furry Hat: Burlington Coat Factory, last seen here
Cardi: Gap, old
Tank: H&M mens, old
Leggings: Black Milk
Boots: Sorel

Happy New Year!  I've been hibernating with the BF and another couple in a beautiful cabin in the Hudson Valley for the last few days celebrating 2012 and the start of a new year; we've played lots of spades, imbibed and over indulged in delicious food.  Being a Southerner I get excited about snow, it is so glittery and gorgeous, and there was plenty of it to be excited about.  

I'm also excited about the coming year, new job, new city, and all the new adventures that are sure to come, in the terminology of the 90's- Bring it.  Thank you friends and family for stopping by and visiting my little world, I wish you all the best in your own 2013 adventures.