My first blog photos EVER.

While home over the holidays, I ran across this set of photos of lil' 4 (?) year old me in my very first blog shoot ever. 

At the time, my parents didn't know that they were creating a lil' photo monster.  What's a photo monster?  It's me.  I love being in photos, which sounds super vain, but for me it isn't from a vain place.  I used to think this rooted from my years as a fashion model, but I am starting to wonder if it started with these very photos?  Many times I've written about how getting dressed every day is playing dress up, being in front of the camera is capturing the act.  Hell, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to "photographs I wish I was in", they are all fantastical, magical, artistic, creative and beautiful; projecting all the things I wish to be.

So maybe it is a sickness or maybe it is a very normal thing that all style bloggers feel?  Either way, this is a part of the reason why I am here, blogging about clothes, style and random shit.  I'm having fun, I hope you are too.


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