Full blown BJ

Peplum Sweater: Betsey Johnson (sample sale find!)
Knit Pants: Alley Cat (70's Betsey Johnson Label)
Black & Gold Stretch Belt: Goodwill
Boots: Frye

So remember a few posts back I was blabbering about this awesome vintage market that occurs a couple times a year, Manhattan Vintage?  These crazy amazing deco pants were a find from that weekend, along with an equally crazy and adorable coordinating sweater, because you just weren't stylish in the early 70's if you weren't wearing a coordinating knit pant set.  

Flipping through racks upon racks of clothing can quickly get overwhelming, which at a show like Manhattan Vintage can be a blessing, there is SO much great stuff only the items that really sing to you stick in your head.  My general plan is to walk all booths, trying on, making note of possible purchases and once though the entire show, prioritizing the memorable items into my meager budget.  This pant suit was a no-brainer, but despite my immediate attraction, I forced myself to leave it to fate while I walked the rest of the show styling it in my head.  Sometimes, when something is a little expensive, I make my self style it 3-5 different ways (depending on the price), with items currently in my closet.  This trick has evolved from my high school shopping days when I would mentally style things with shit I didn't own (bad idea) or buy something because "it will be perfect for the time I go sailing, or to Paris or some other thing I will rarely/never do" (worse idea).  But, I digress... expect to see the knit top soon and hopefully the proper brunch occasion will arrise soon enough so I can don the full on pant suit. 


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  1. That's so freaking smart. I wish I'd learned a little earlier to realistically style items in my head before buying them.

    Also: the fact that this matching set includes not a jacket, but a SWEATER is blowing my mind. Totally awesome. :D