Hearts & Polka Dots

Heart Sweater: Madewell
Chambray Button Down: Gap
Denim Skirt: CK 
Tights: Hue
Loafers: Lands End

OOOO!  I didn't wear this outfit on Valentine's day but, serendipitously, I am posting it (unplanned) on Valentine's day.  This post comes from the Boston Park Plaza hotel where I am chillaxing after a most lovely Valentine's Day dinner, unfortunately though, it was not with my Valentine.  

After touring some apartments in Boston, I saddled up to the the bar at Legal Seafood so Karmaloop could treat me to a nice, if not lonely, Valentine's dinner.  Shortly after ordering, a lady of a certain age sat next to me to also enjoy a solo dinner and we started a fascinating conversation that carried us comfortably throughout our meal and after dinner drink.  There are very few circumstances that could have been better than tonights lovely and unplanned dinner date.

How did you spend your Valentine's with loved ones or treating yourself?



  1. That sounds really amazing, even though it's obviously not "ideal" as romantic notions go. I'm so excited for you! Also, this will sound weird but what do you do?!? I remember that you're working for Karmaloop (I have a Soundgirl hoodie I ordered from them like 8 years ago that I still wear), but what is your actual profession besides hanging out in hallways looking like a badass?

    PS, MC and I were just looking at blogs, and we came to yours right after this other one that I won't name cause that would be trashtalking but it's super huge and popular. But as soon as we clicked over to yours, MC was like "OMG this blog is SOOO much more interesting. It makes the last one we looked at seem so boring."

    I was just like "Iknowright?"


  2. Hey Camilla!

    *aw SHUCKS* what a great compliment from MC! And yes, this winter weather and nighttime shooting has forced me into being a weird hall lurker recently.

    I am a buyer, I've bought all sorts of things for a few different companies (dresses, home & gift, accessories, etc) and now I am building up the Karmaloop home & gift area from a wee little thing to a huge (hopefully) money making machine (cue manic laugh)!

    I've always been curious what you do as well, I know you get to make ridiculously fun videos about manic pixie dream girls and matches between histories most glamourous ladies, but who pays you to do these fun things and under what guise of a job? ;)


  3. You've got such awesome taste, I'd bet you're a seriously high-caliber buyer!

    MC and I are both content editors for a movies and music database, which basically means we do everything from looking at press info on a movie or listening to excerpts from an album and then assigning "attributes" to our database's record for that particular thing (like "ambient," "punk," "romantic comedy," etc.), to writing actual reviews, to sorting through database issues (like "hey, we have two records here, but they're for the same movie, the second one's just the Spanish title -- let's merge them.")

    So our tasks are sort of all over the place, but overall it's a pretty good work environment for creative types. :)