Remember the time we...(Mermaid Parade Edition)

Micheline!  Hey girl, remember the time we got all dolled up in the middle of the summer and headed out to Coney Island for the Mermaid Parade....

first we were just some crazy looking fools eating some sammies.

But then we donned our mermaid and jellyfish costumes, plus loads of glitter, duh!

Then we had a mini pinup photoshoot

and you looked like a total babe!

I had some colorful hair,

a seashell bra top,

and a shiny behind?

That was alot of fun!



Remember the time....(Montauk Edition)

Today is moving day!  I've been ball of emotions, excited about the move and sad to leave NY and I've been doing a lot of "remember the time we" insert-ridiculous-story-here, so I thought I'd make this shit a part of internet now.  So, remember the time we went to Montauk...

and of course I did cartwheels.

we hiked along the jetty?

and wrote our 'gram handles in the sand?

and I wrote our names in the sand again?

and we flew kites?

Rick let us use his cabin, even though he decided to stay in town?

and we all went to see Dirty Projectors at Surf Lodge?

then had delicious watermelon drinks at Ruschmeyers?

and we went back to Montauk at the end of the summer because we had so much fun the first time?

and we went hiking barefoot?

and the terrain was so strange?

the weather wasn't perfect.

but it was nice enough to go kyaking!

and play with Rezzy dog outside.

Yeah, that was really fun.



Camo, leopard and mixing brown and black.

Cardigan: J. Crew
Camo Tank: Karmaloop
Jeans: BDG, Urban Outfitters
Leopard Beetle Boots: Madewell

When I was in HS I never mixed brown and black, it was against the "rules", as was white after a certain time of year and I imagine a shaved head and weird color hair were also taboo in my book.  Somewhere along the line I guess I forgot about those.



Chaos Theory

Top: Zara
Jacket: Esprit
Skirt: Betsey Johnson
OTK Socks: Sock Dreams
Boots: Frye
Handbag: Hong Kong (the country)

When I was getting dressed I didn't know what the Chaos Theory was, but all I could think of while trying on multiple outfits trying to rush out on Saturday night, was that I MUST be case study in the mathematic theory.  We are in the midst of packing up the apartment he has shared with his roommates for three years and I am moving for the fourth sixth time in 18 months.  

The first two outfits I attempted needed to be ironed, but the iron was packed, the next two required shoes that were in storage and it was only when NPR came in to find me standing mostly naked in a pile of clothes near tears that I cobbled this together our of sheer necessity to get on the train with clothes on.  It was only after many deep breaths that I realized how cute I felt, chaos isn't always bad!


ps.  Take a minute to read about the Chaos Theory, it is quite interesting!


Date with Aviation Destiny

Aviator style jacket: Andrew Marc, thrifted
Mesh Rose Top: American Appare
Denim Skirt: cK, vintage
Tights: BFF mail gift 

I was particularly pouty on this day, it started when I couldn't find anything to wear, then I settled on this and felt kinda cute, until I got into the City and it started snowing. 
On the plus side, these awesome tights came in the mail along with a little jewel from my BFF in Houston.  The book is titled "Night of a Thousand Boyfriends" a date with destiny adventure!  Choose your own adventure books were always my favorite as a kid, I really want someone to start an adult choose your own adventure series, it would do so phenomenal.  Please, anyone out there who can actually write, consider doing this.  When you become a famous, multi-millionaire, NY Times Best Selling author just mention my little blog and that's all I need in return for the great idea.  ;)


Leopard goes with everything.

Sweater: No-Lugar
Jeans: Joe's
Belt: Gap
Earrings: Samples
Watch: Marc Jacobs
Shoes: Minnetonka  

The official first day of Spring is Wednesday, but here in NY spring is so far away; which is why instead I'm going to close my eyes and remember having wine on my rooftop patio with NPR while enjoying a pleasant sunset sans coat and multiple layers.
ps. I was photographed on this day by a French street style photographer, My Restless Eye.



Before stumbling upon No-Lugar, which roughly translates to a "no-where", I was punch drunk from the warm golden sunshine that greeted me in Sevilla, the first I had seen in almost a week, plus I was a little drunk (opps) from an afternoon enjoying wine, tapas and people watching, but neither of those could compare to the elation I had walking into this magical store of art and fashion.

I was greeted by loads of color and Stax tunes DJ'd by the owner, Alvaro; it was an amuse bouche for the eyes and ears.  Design, upcycled, thrifted, and one of a kinds in fashion, art and decor were arranged by color story, making the store very shopable.

First and foremost, fashion/style/color are my thing that I have made my career, so let's face it, I'm never not shopping. Every outing, trip, or vacation, local and worldwide, I am taking in what people are wearing, how they wear it, what stores are selling, displays, prices, print advertisments, commercials... and No-Lugar is my favorite place ever. 

I knew it was my favorite place within the first 30 seconds and when I came back the next day to take photos I still felt the same way.  While browsing, I wanted to live in a space just like this, it was aspriational; but as I zoned in on particular items of interest, I could immediatly see it seemlessly fitting into my life.  Designers and stores strive for this mix of aspiration and familarity, it makes people open up their wallet.  In a town that is in the middle of no-where on the fashion map, No-Lugar nailed this mix.


The No-Lugar owner also owns a spacious coffee-shop-slash-gallery, Red House, around the corner serving up excellent cortados in a very similar surrounding, that was just as special.  Definetly seek these spaces out if ever in Sevilla.