Cafe Central

Star Tee-clothes swap
Neon Yellow Belt-Gap
High Waist Jeans-Anthro
Hat & Jewelry-Samples
Scarf-Banana Republic

NPR & I spent 4 full days in Madrid soaking up culture, food, vino and also unfortunately soaking wet and pretty cold.  We haven´t had very good weather hear in EspaƱa, but we have had plenty of good times.

Some of thes photos are in our AirBnB apartment and the night time photos are in front of a famous jazz cafe, Cafe Central, where we enjoyed some vino y tapas along with a pleasant little quartet on a Tuesday night. 


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  1. You globe trotting, international woman of mystery!! Sorry you picked up a cold out there. Does a Spanish cold make you speak with a lisp? HA! I am so funny. No but seriously, does it?

    P.S. Those jeans are awesome, you look so hot!