Chaos Theory

Top: Zara
Jacket: Esprit
Skirt: Betsey Johnson
OTK Socks: Sock Dreams
Boots: Frye
Handbag: Hong Kong (the country)

When I was getting dressed I didn't know what the Chaos Theory was, but all I could think of while trying on multiple outfits trying to rush out on Saturday night, was that I MUST be case study in the mathematic theory.  We are in the midst of packing up the apartment he has shared with his roommates for three years and I am moving for the fourth sixth time in 18 months.  

The first two outfits I attempted needed to be ironed, but the iron was packed, the next two required shoes that were in storage and it was only when NPR came in to find me standing mostly naked in a pile of clothes near tears that I cobbled this together our of sheer necessity to get on the train with clothes on.  It was only after many deep breaths that I realized how cute I felt, chaos isn't always bad!


ps.  Take a minute to read about the Chaos Theory, it is quite interesting!

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